Thursday, March 4, 2021

Restaurant Impossible Returns To Food Network March 11

New episodes of Restaurant: Impossible will once again air on Food Network starting March 11th at 9pm ET/PT.  This comes after Discovery started having new Restaurant: Impossible episodes only available on their paid platform Discovery+ in January.  This made a lot of people upset that they would put a long-running show behind a paywall and apparently Robert Irvine and Food Network took the feedback into consideration.  Robert Irvine tweeted:

Dinner: Impossible will also return to Food Network after a long hiatus and this will also be on the actual Food Network channel.  Both shows will also be available to stream on Discovery+.

This should make fans of the show happy that they no longer would have to pay to see new episodes.  This should also make the restaurants that have appeared on the show happy as their episodes will be seen by more viewers.  I am sure when they agreed to do the show, they had hopes of their episode being seen by a large audience which usually boosts sales in the short-term. 


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