Sunday, February 14, 2016

Worst Cooks In America Season 8 Winner Crowned Tonight

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Tonight on Food Network is the season eight finale of Worst Cooks in America where the winner will receive $25,000.  The remaining two contestants are Nick Slater from California and Lawrence Crawford from New Jersey.

Here is more information about the final two from their contestant biographies:

Lawrence Crawford (Deptford, New Jersey): Military man Lawrence Crawford is a combat medic currently stationed in California who has no qualms jumping out of a plane, but can barely crack an egg. He’s competitive, lively, and a great dad to his three young kids, however his wife can only describe his cooking attempts as “dreadful.” His youngest son, who eats almost anything, runs away from Lawrence’s food and with his wife taking on a new job, he knows it’s time to apply his military discipline to learning to cook - and he’s definitely up for the task.
Nick Slater (Rancho Cucamonga, California): Nick is very active and physically fit, but his diet is far from ideal. He’s a picky eater with a long list of foods he won’t eat, including cheese, butter, pickles, ranch dressing and all condiments. When he tried to make pasta for his wife, he cooked the spaghetti for over an hour and the meal turned to mush. He realizes it’s important for his health and well-being to be able to make nutritious meals for himself and his wife to start their married life.

The ratings for this season have been very good for a show on Food Network and there is usually a poll on the Food Network site to see who people are rooting for, but I didn't see one this year.

I will update this post with the winner after the episode airs. UPDATE - Winner is after the break.

The judges determined that Nick Slater was the winner after trying each of the contestant's dishes. Nick wins $25,000 and bragging rights for Anne Burrell.

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