Saturday, February 27, 2016

Southern At Heart with Damaris Phillips Is Ending

Photo - Food Network
It appears that Southern At Heart with Food Network Star season 9 winner Damaris Phillips will be coming to an end after a final new episode on Sunday, February 28th.  Despite winning Food Network Star in 2013, Damaris was already on her fifth season of Southern at Heart.

Damaris Phillips posted the following message on her Facebook page today:
"Please tune in tomorrow at noon for the very last episode of Southern at Heart. As they often are, this ending is bitter sweet, but I am taking from the experience wonderful memories, life long friendships and an incredible group of fans who have supported me every step of the way. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kindness, and humor as I sometimes fumble. I look forward to sharing my new projects and will keep you as updated as my inept social media self can manage."
It isn't clear if it was Food Network's decision to end the show or if it was Damaris' decision.  The show has already had five seasons and the ratings for the show were just as good or better than other shows on Sunday such as Brunch @ Bobby's and Giada Entertains (Recent ratings - 1-3, 1-17, 1-31), so I don't think Food Network would decide to cancel it.

Perhaps her contract from Food Network Star ended and Damaris decided to move on or she is moving in another direction after her recent marriage.  I will try to find out the reason why Southern at Heart is ending and let you know if Damaris has future plans with Food Network.

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