Monday, May 18, 2015

Abudanza From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

Photo - Food Network
Abudanza in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, which was featured on season 9 of Restaurant Impossible has closed.

The restaurant had a small fire at the end of March, where there was minimal damage.  They were supposed to open again a few days later, and may have, but they confirmed in April on Facebook that they were closing.  It appears the fire was not the reason for the closure.  Abudanza's commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment is now going up for auction on May 28th.

It appears that their Abudanza Express location is still operating as their Facebook page still advertises specials.  The Express location was opened after the Restaurant Impossible makeover.

You may remember this episode due to their son LJ having an incurable disease called ROHHAD.  This will be the third restaurant from season nine (2014) of Restaurant Impossible to close and the Restaurant Impossible Update Page has been updated with this information

UPDATE - According to the GoFundMe page for LJ, he passed away in April 2016.


  1. I only have a vague recollection of this one, so I checked out the original posting. Boy, it was like reading the comments on a YouTube video! :p Anyway, sounds like they were super stressed. If they can make it on the income from the Express location only, that may help. Simplification can be a very good thing.

  2. *sigh* Feel sorry for the guy and his sick child.

  3. The food photos they've been posting on the Express location's FB page look good. The comments are positive also, so maybe it's good that they closed the original location, I don't know. I'm sure there's much less stress now, having to run just 1 location. I hope this has helped their family life.

  4. I forgot too. Wow, 154 comments!