Friday, May 1, 2015

Food Network's May 2015 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Here are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in May:

  • The season finale of the Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious tournament on Sunday, May 17th where the winner can win up to $75,000.
  • The series premiere of American Diner Revival with Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag on Friday, May 22nd at 10:30pm.  They makeover struggling diners with the help of locals.  It seems like they didn't get a very favorable time slot for this series.
  • The series premiere of Guilty Pleasures on Monday May 25th, where Food Network stars reveal their best kept food secrets and their locations.  It sounds very similar to Best Thing I Ever Ate.
  • The season finale of Chopped: All-Stars on Tuesday, May 26th with the winner getting $75,000 for their charity.
  • The season finale of Spring Baking Championship on Sunday, May 31st with the winner getting $50,000.
  • New Primetime episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy's Grocery Games, Mystery Diners, and Restaurant: Impossible
  • New Daytime episodes of Farmhouse Rules, Giada at Home, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Southern at Heart and Trisha's Southern Kitchen
  • Also, Food Network Star begins in June.

Press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

It's not just the temperature that is rising in May! Food Network's primetime lineup heats up with two new series and not-to-be-missed tournament finales! First up, the most cunning and conniving winners from the Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious tournament put their skills to the ultimate test in the grand finale for the chance to win up to $75,000 and bragging rights as most Evilicious contestant in Cutthroat history on Sunday, May 17th at 10pm.

Then, Amanda Freitag and Ty Pennington race to the rescue of classic diners in need of a desperate makeover in new series AMERICAN DINER REVIVAL on Friday, May 22nd at 10:30pm. Primetime tickles the taste buds on Monday, May 25th at 10pm, when food stars and celebs share their decadent indulgences in new series Guilty Pleasures. Next up, the four winning All-Stars return to the CHOPPED kitchen to do battle against one another and compete for the largest charitable prize in CHOPPED history in the finale of CHOPPED All-Stars Tuesday, May 26th at 10pm.

It is wedding season and the remaining bakers of Spring Baking Championship must prove their mettle and impress the judges with a wedding cake worthy of the grand prize of $50,000 on Sunday May 31st at 9pm. Also heating up the primetime lineup are premiere episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy's Grocery Games, MYSTERY DINERS and Restaurant: Impossible. Daytime brings premieres and themed episodes of Farmhouse Rules, Giada at Home, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, SOUTHERN AT HEART and Trisha's Southern Kitchen. Plus, dishes up recipes, tips, how-to's and guides to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in style, thank Mom with a Mother's Day menu and kick off summer with a Memorial Day bash. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


American Diner Revival
- Premiering Friday, May 22nd at 10:30pm - SERIES PREMIERE!
Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag are on a mission to revive classic American diners across the country. Heading to Main Streets across the U.S., they're empowering locals to save their own struggling diners. With only days to transform a cherished diner in desperate need of a physical and menu makeover, they'll hit the ground to rally the locals to help ambush the unsuspecting owner with a surprise of a lifetime. It's a good old-fashioned barn raising - let the AMERICAN DINER REVIVAL begin!

Online in April, find photo galleries showcasing diner makeovers and behind-the-scenes blog posts on FN Dish. Join the revival with #DinerRevival.

Beat Bobby Flay

Premiering Thursday, May 7th at 10pm - "Any Given Sunday"
Geoffrey Zakarian and Chris Santos of CHOPPED have brought their expert taste buds to the arena with a single objective: make Mom proud! Seasoned vet Kathy Cary squares off against acclaimed chef Shanna O'Hea to see who has what it takes to represent mothers everywhere against Bobby Flay.

Premiering Thursday, May 14th at 10pm - "Homeland"
Onions gets CHOPPED and garlic gets smashed when Vietnamese-born Thoa Nguyen does battle with high-end chef Jason Hippen. Anne Burrell and Scott Conant decide who has the cuisine to reign supreme.

Premiering Thursday, May 21st at 10pm - "Humble Beginnings"
Musician and chef Eugene Jones and up-and-coming chef Christopher Wall enter a culinary skirmish for the chance to take down the legend, Bobby Flay. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN judge Simon Majumdar and THE KITCHEN host Sunny Anderson are eager for their friend Bobby to swallow defeat, but who will get the job done?

Premiering Thursday, May 28th at 10pm - "Getting Grilled"
The irons heat up when the best of the Midwest, chef Dominic Zumpano, takes on culinary heavyweight, chef Angelo Sosa, in a grilling battle. Extra Virgin's Debi Mazar and All-Star Academy's Michael Symon make the call on who has the chops to rake Bobby over the coals.

Online, find behind-the-scenes photos, video highlights, interviews with contestants, bloopers and an exclusive blog interview with Bobby Flay. Plus, check out ongoing blog coverage of the new season in FN Dish. Follow the action on Twitter using #BeatBobbyFlay.

Chopped All-Stars
Premiering Tuesday, May 5th at 10pm - "All-Stars Tournament: Part 2"
Competing for a spot in the grand finale, contestants Anne Burrell, Hung Huynh, Mary Sue Milliken and Dale Talde open the appetizer basket and find a soup and a sour surprise. Then in the entrée round, a cheesy party food must be matched with some expensive offal. The two All-Stars who make it to the dessert round are challenged to create delicious sweet dishes using a refreshing drink and some airy cookies.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos

Premiering Tuesday, May 12th at 10pm -"All-Stars Tournament: Part 3"
All-Stars Cat Cora, Antonia Lofaso, Michael Psilakis and Marcel Vigneron strut into the CHOPPED kitchen, with sights set on the grand finale. In the first round, a special Spanish meat must be paired with an airy cookie. Then in the entrée round, the All-Stars face a sizeable challenge when they encounter a huge ingredient to butcher and some tiny, sour fruits to tame. Flavored water and clarified butter are part of the culinary puzzle that the last two chefs have to solve as they create desserts.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Aarón Sánchez, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Tuesday, May 19th at 10pm -"All-Stars Tournament: Part 4"
The judges are curious to see how one famous chef with no competition experience will do in this fierce fight, as All-Stars Rocco Dispirito, Jet Tila, Lee Anne Wong and Fabio Viviani open the appetizer baskets and find a succulent seafood and an Asian pastry. Then in the entrée round, there is not enough time to cook a perfect piece of beef in the traditional way, so the chefs must get creative. Some fish-shaped snacks meet some crystals that go pop in the dessert round.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Aarón Sánchez

Premiering Tuesday, May 26th at 10pm - "All-Stars Tournament: Grand Finale" - TOURNAMENT FINALE!
When the four winning All-Stars return to the CHOPPED kitchen for the grand finale, the judges are set to enjoy a masterful meal. With $75,000 on the line for the winner's favorite charity, the competitors open the appetizer basket to find something purple and something fishy. Then in a tense entrée round, a seafood tower threatens to topple the competitors' cool. The two All-Stars who manage to make it to the dessert round must handle a super-hot pepper and conquer a cookie cake before someone is awarded the largest charitable prize in CHOPPED history!
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Alex Guarnaschelli, Geoffrey Zakarian

Online, catch behind-the-scenes photos, plus video previews and highlights. Plus, vote for your favorite Chopped-inspired dish and find out who has what it takes to be a CHOPPED champion at home in round 3 of the CHOPPED at Home Challenge beginning Tuesday, May 26th. Join the conversation at #Chopped.

Cutthroat Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, May 24th at 10pm -"21 Chum Street"
One chef must use a shark jaw as a knife. Then, two chefs must cook out of, and on top of, a suitcase. Finally, the chefs are driven both bananas and nuts with a BANANA nut muffin challenge.
Host: Alton Brown Judge: Simon Majumdar

Premiering Sunday, May 31st at 10pm -"Grill or be Grilled"
Four chefs are fired up to be named Cutthroat Kitchen's grill master. One chef makes a dish that almost tastes like chicken. Then, somebody feels the heat while tied to a rotisserie. Finally, the chefs encounter burgers like never before.
Host: Alton Brown Judge: Simon Majumdar

Online, go behind-the-scenes with an on-set tour, video featuring host Alton Brown sharing his secret strategies for success, and original series Testing the Sabotages and new episodes of Alton's After Show. Follow the mischief and strategy on Twitter using #CutthroatKitchen.

Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 10pm -"Evilicious: 20,000 Leagues Under the Prep Table"
Host Alton Brown kicks off the third heat with cardboard car and underwater scallop dish challenges, and the battle culminates with a donut-making task complete with a wearable donut-on-a-string.
Host: Alton Brown Judge: Jet Tila

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 10pm -"Evilicious: Moo-in' On Up"
Chefs play games of musical sushi rolls and fashion runway cooking, then Alton tasks them to make pumpkin pie while wearing a carved pumpkin on their head.
Host: Alton Brown Judge: Simon Majumdar

Premiering Sunday, May 17th at 10pm -"Evilicious: Finale" - TOURNAMENT FINALE!
In the tournament finale, the winners of each heat compete for a prize of up to $75,000 and Evilicious champion bragging rights. Their cooking chops and sabotage skills are put to the test in Alton's challenges, including meatball prep in a ball pit, making a teriyaki dinner while on a seesaw and harvesting coconuts from a tree to make coconut macaroons.
Host: Alton Brown Judge: Simon Majumdar

Online, meet the finalists in the tournament, find a gallery of top moments and take the Superfan quiz. Get evilicious with #CutthroatKitchen.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Friday, May 1st at 10pm - "Racing Through Charlotte"
This trip, Guy Fieri's checking out high-octane joints in Charlotte, North Carolina with NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer. First, a relocated Diners alum dishes out dynamite burgers and a unique spin on shrimp. Then, a go-kart track serves revved-up sandwiches like steak with fig preserves and smoking hot chicken. Parked at the Charlotte Speedway, a funky food truck fires up tasty flavors like chana masala tacos and buffalo cauliflower sliders.

Premiering Friday, May 22nd at 10pm - "Indulgent Dishes"
This trip, Guy Fieri's indulging in righteous, rich recipes. In Charlotte, North Carolina, a crazy seafood spot reels in off-the-hook gumbo and a spicy mahi mahi specialty. Across town, a mother-daughter team serves up savory lamb ragout and a decadent ice cream sandwich. In Los Angeles, a Korean-German combo fires up drunken chicken and a killer burger.

Premiering Monday, May 25th at 9pm - "Summer Spectacular"
Fire up the grills and get the party started, Guy Fieri's bringing the heat! In this one-hour special, it is all about summer. From classic burgers and dogs to smoking barbecue and beachy seafood, this sunny showcase offers up the best summer eats around.

Premiering Friday, May 29th at 10pm - "Grittles & Vittles"
This trip, Guy Fieri's headed west for barbecue and beyond. In Los Angeles, a East-meets-South mashup serves mesquite short rib tacos and spicy pork chimichangas. Then, in Las Vegas, two funky joints fire up the grill and sling dishes that will have you licking your chops.

Guilty Pleasures - Premiering Monday, May 25th at 10pm - SERIES PREMIERE!
In Guilty Pleasures, your favorite Food Network stars reveal their best kept, most intimate, guilty pleasure food secrets for the first time ever! We visit the locations and meet the chefs who make these crazy, ooey-gooey, "I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this" food masterpieces! From a 24-layer chocolate cake, to a mega-bacon cheeseburger, to a filet mignon covered in fried oysters, Guilty Pleasures shows off dishes whose very names make your stomach rumble.

Online in April, check out the food masterpieces featured on the show and where to try them, and find photo galleries of these dishes, and weigh in on these favorites on FN Dish. Share food secrets with #GuiltyPleasures.

Guy's Grocery Games

Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 8pm - "Flavortown Throwdown"
The four chefs ready to throwdown in Flavortown must first create a hearty lunch with a five-pound weight restriction. Next, the chefs must make an innovative dinner incorporating Guy Fieri's crazy grocery list. The two chefs left standing will battle it out with their best dishes featuring high-end and low-end items.
Judges: G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan, Aida Mollenkamp

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 8pm - "Mother's Day Madness"
With the dairy, meat and seafood aisles down, four amazing moms must use their creativity to come up with an amazing breakfast! Next, Guy Fieri's wife Lori lends a helping hand in the Express Lane challenge, and gives the mothers a little something extra for their family favorite dish. Then, finalists flip out when they are tasked with using the sweet ingredients in tiramisu to make an indulgent dinner! The winning mom gets the ultimate Mother's Day gift -- a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
Judges: Duskie Estes, Troy Johnson, Catherine McCord

Premiering Sunday, May 17th at 8pm - "Orange You Glad You're in Flavortown"
Chefs begin by making their best comfort dishes with only five ingredients or less. Next, there is a red light special on orange juice that the chefs must incorporate into their cocktail brunch dishes! Then, the finalists attempt to shop for a dynamite dinner while repeatedly swapping carts.
Judges: Richard Blais, Christy Vega Fowler, G.Garvin

Premiering Sunday, May 24th at 8pm - "A Dicey Situation"
Four chefs take a gamble when Guy makes them roll dice to determine the details for creating their best dish. Next, the chefs must use odds and ends from the Clearance Carts to make a classy champagne brunch. Finally, two chefs must plan their menu on the fly while making their best chicken dinner using one ingredient per aisle.
Judges: Troy Johnson, Brian Malarkey, Aarti Sequeira

Premiering Sunday, May 31st at 8pm - "Thrillin' Grillin'"
Experienced chefs from all over the country are fired up about making their best grilled dish until Guy Fieri informs them they can only use ingredients that begin with A, B, or G for "Always Be Grilling." Next, chefs must incorporate tamarind paste into their meaty madness. The final two chefs go head-to-head with their family favorite recipes as the store closes around them in a fast paced grill-off!
Judges: Troy Johnson, Brian Malarkey, Aarti Sequeira

Online, catch interviews with host Guy Fieri, photo galleries with episode recaps and highlights; plus find ongoing blog coverage. Follow the games on Twitter using #GroceryGames.

Mystery Diners
Premiering Wednesday, May 20th at 9:30pm - "Millions Gone Missing"
Mystery Diners counts down the series' greatest moments catching employee theft, involving stolen food, alcohol, supplies and money.

Premiering Wednesday, May 27th at 9:30pm - "Sneakiest Schemes"
Mystery Diners counts down the craziest schemes caught on video, from operating unauthorized businesses, raising money for bogus charities, and even creating fake employees to collect extra paychecks.

Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Wednesday, May 6th at 10pm -"The Ambush"
Normally, struggling restaurant owners know well in advance when host Robert Irvine and his team are coming, but this is not a normal mission. To get a true picture of the problems facing the restaurant, Robert ambushes the owners of Tornatore's Pizzeria in Orlando, Florida, and no one, including the owners, the design team, the crew, not even Robert himself, knows what is to come.

Premiering Wednesday, May 13th at 10pm -"Bad Juju"
Online, hear from owners to find out what happens after Robert visits with weekly Restaurant Revisited epilogues. Join the conversation at #RestaurantImpossible.

Spring Baking Championship

Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 9pm - "Sweet and Tart"
Bobby Deen hosts as the seven remaining bakers take sweet and tart to a whole new territory. In the preheat, they must create a honey dessert and for their main heat challenge, they have to pucker up to lemons and limes and bake a springtime citrus treat.
Judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, Lorraine Pascale

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 9pm - "Mother's Day"
Happy Mother's Day, bakers! In this episode, hosted by Bobby Deen, the bakers take on a special treat, transforming coffee and cream into a delectable dessert. Then, they must whip up a festive mom-worthy brunch.
Judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, Lorraine Pascale

Premiering Sunday, May 17th at 9pm - "Birthday Blast"
Bobby Deen hosts as THE FIVE bakers left in the Spring Baking Championship are challenged to bake for a birthday bash! They kick it off with desserts on a stick and for the main heat, the bakers must create an amazing birthday cake, paired with homemade ice cream.
Judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, Lorraine Pascale

Premiering Sunday, May 24th at 9pm - "Memorial Day Madness"
Bobby Deen hosts as the final four bakers must tap into their basic training to create memorable Memorial Day desserts to make it to the finale. First, they are challenged to create a layered springtime trifle and then they have the freedom to create the dessert of their choosing - as long as it is red, white and blue.
Judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, Lorraine Pascale

Premiering Sunday, May 31st at 9pm - "Wedding Season" - SEASON FINALE!
In the epic finale, hosted by Bobby Deen, the three remaining bakers FIRST TAKE on a wedding dessert bar challenge. For their final main heat, it is all about creating a wedding cake that truly deserves to be the centerpiece of the big day. The baker who can impress the judges with the most spectacular wedding cake will become the Spring Baking Champion and take home $50,000!
Judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, Lorraine Pascale

Online, meet the competitors, find a highlights photo gallery featuring top moments from the show, interviews with the hosts and find exclusive video with the judges along with baking how-tos and recipes. Join the baking banter with #BakingChampionship.


Farmhouse Rules
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 12:30pm - "From Farmhouse to Firehouse"
Today, Nancy Fuller brings the farmhouse to the firehouse with her food. She whips up a spicy meal to say thank you to the local men and women who serve the community. She makes her Famous Spicy Three-Meat Chili, Jalapeno Cornbread, Creamed Kale with Pearl Onions, and Fiery Triple Chocolate Cream Pie.

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 12:30pm - "Mother-Daughter Dinner Party"
Nancy Fuller is having two of her daughters and two of her granddaughters over for a mother-daughter dinner party. She prepares all of her favorite classic recipes: Chicken Liver Mousse, Welsh Rarebit, Beef Bourguignon, Russian Wedge Salad, and Crème Brûlée. It is going to be a party that these women will remember for years to come!

Premiering Sunday, May 17th at 12:30pm - "Artsy Appetizers"
Nancy Fuller is catering a cocktail party in town at the Hudson Opera House. All of her friends will be in attendance for an exhibition of "Harvest," a collection of abstract art that celebrates the fruit of a farmer's labor. She makes all the appetizers: Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms, Roquefort-Rolled Grapes, Oysters Rockefeller, Seared Beef Tenderloin Bites and her Starving Artist Cocktail.

Premiering Sunday, May 31st at 12:30pm - "Hudson 500, International Farmway"
Nothing gives Nancy Fuller a greater thrill than putting the pedal to the metal in her farm truck, so she grills up a race-themed menu for her family before they head out to the racetracks. She makes Grilled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Fruit and Vegetable Kabobs, Victory Lap Nachos, and for dessert, Checkered Flag Cake.

Giada at Home
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 10:30am - "15-Minute Pastas"
It is a busy weeknight and Giada De Laurentiis wants to get a great dinner on the table fast. Giada shares how to make four pasta dishes that can all be accomplished in 15 minutes: Gemelli with Kale Pesto and Olives, Penne with Corn and Spicy Sausage, Orecchiette with Broccoli, plus Pecorino and Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes, Feta and Mint.

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 10:30am - "Raffy's in the House"
Aunt Raffy joins Giada De Laurentiis in THE KITCHEN for a day of fun and laughter while her sister, Eloisa, joins them to try out their family dishes including Polpettone Two Ways, Quinoa Pilaf and Aunt Raffy's Peach and Blueberry Crisp.

The Kitchen
Premiering Saturdays at 11am
Spend a fun and food-filled morning in THE KITCHEN with hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. These five talented food experts will bring fun conversation and delicious recipes into your kitchen every week. From simple supper ideas to the latest food trends, they will cover all things fun in food. Pull up a stool at the counter and join them in The Kitchen.

Online, check out exciting updates, including recipes from the show, behind-the-scenes photos, fun facts from the culinary department, recipes, audience polls and more. Join the conversation in #TheKitchen.

The Pioneer Woman
Premiering Saturday, May 2nd at 10am - "Friendship Fiesta"
Ree Drummond's daughter Alex and her best friends are heading to college, and while they have a dorm room craft day, Ree's cooking up a Tex-Mex feast with juicy marinated Green Chile Chicken, spicy Taco Potatoes, a layered Mexican Salad and a real show stopping finale, Key Lime Pie.

Premiering Saturday, May 9th at 10am - "Just Me and the Girls"
The guys are away and so it is 24 hours of just Ree Drummond and the girls. She whips up a Blueberry Crumb Cake for breakfast while they play with the new puppies. For dinner she dishes up Petite Filets with Wasabi Cilantro Cream, over-the-top decadent Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Paige's latest vegetable obsession, Lemony Broccolini.

Premiering Saturday, May 23rd at 10am - "Happy Birthday, Ladd"
Ree Drummond cooks up a celebration dinner for her husband, Ladd's, birthday. She dishes up all his favorite foods, including Chili Cheese Burgers, crisp Thin Fries, a cowboy-friendly Wedge Salad with Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch dressing and a towering Yellow Cake with the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

Premiering Saturday, May 30th at 10am - "The Middles"
Ree Drummond celebrates her children Paige and Bryce, with three snapshots of food and fun over a week while the other kids are away. She makes their favorite food starting with Cornmeal Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup. There is speedy, creamy Bow Tie Chicken Alfredo and build-your-own Grilled Fruit Pizzas with a cookie base, cream cheese frosting and indoor grilled glossy fruit.

Southern at Heart
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 12pm - "Spicy Feast"
Inspired by a recent trip through Mexico, Damaris Phillips invites her fiancé and brother over to reminisce about the trip while enjoying a hot meal of Roasted Pumpkin Seed-Seared Lima Beans, alongside her show-stopping creation, Enchalasagna. After all the hot stuff, a Coconut Tequila Lime Pie is the perfect dessert to cool down.

Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 12pm - "Freezer Pleasers for Mom"
Damaris Phillips figures that bringing homemade food to her hard-working mom friends is the best way to get to see their adorable kids. She brings frozen goodies that the moms can heat up and enjoy whenever they want. ON THE MENU is Loaded Skillet Corn Bread, Creole Pinto Beans and Damaris's elegant Lavender Coconut Macaroons.

Premiering Sunday, May 24th at 12pm - "Clean Out Your Closet Dinner Party"
Damaris Phillips and her girlfriends have a semi-annual dinner party dressed up as a clothing swap. To accompany the fashion show, Damaris and her chef friend Terra bring the heat with their menu: Spicy Hot Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches, Smoked Macaroni Salad, and for dessert, Blackberry Almond Cobbler.

Premiering Sunday, May 31st at 12pm - "Phillips Family Grilltacular"
Damaris Phillips invites her family over for a grilling feast potluck. She starts with a Spicy BANANA Pepper Jam slathered over a beautiful Grilled Pepper Butter Pork Tenderloin. With the grill lit up, she uses it to bring smoky, caramelized goodness to her Grilled Succotash Pasta Salad, and even cherries and oranges are grilled for her out-of-this-world Grilled Old-Fashioned Cocktail.

Trisha's Southern Kitchen
- Premiering Saturdays at 10:30am
Country music star and best-selling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood welcomes you into her kitchen to share in some of her favorite family recipes, both old and new. Throughout her life, from her humble roots in Georgia to her life on the road as a superstar, Trisha has always been known by those closest to her for her delicious home cooking. In Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Trisha shows off her true Southern hospitality as she puts together meals with friends and family. Whether it is a family reunion, a party for one of her band-mates, or just a day hanging out with her girlfriends in the kitchen, her recipes always have a story to tell and are fun and easy to make.


Cinco De Mayo/Fiery Foods Weekend - Premiering Saturday, May 2nd 7am-12pm and Sunday, May 3rd 7am-2pm
Food Network celebrates Cinco De Mayo with a hot and spicy weekend lineup of recipes. Premiere episodes include:
Premiering Saturday, May 2nd at 10am - THE PIONEER WOMAN - "Friendship Fiesta"
Premiering Saturday, May 2nd at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen
Premiering Saturday, May 2nd at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 10:30am - GIADA AT HOME - "15-Minute Pastas"
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 12pm - SOUTHERN AT HEART - "Spicy Feast"
Premiering Sunday, May 3rd at 12:30pm - FARMHOUSE RULES -"From Farmhouse to Firehouse"
Mother's Day/Family Recipes Weekend - Premiering Saturday, May 9th 7am-12pm and Sunday May 10th 7am-2pm
Whether it is a special breakfast in bed or a brunch with friends, Food Network chefs share their favorite family recipes for Mother's Day. Premiere episodes include:
Premiering Saturday, May 9th at 10am - THE PIONEER WOMAN - "Just Me and the Girls"
Premiering Saturday, May 9th at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen
Premiering Saturday, May 9th at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 10:30am - GIADA AT HOME - "Raffy's in the House"
Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 12pm - SOUTHERN AT HEART - "Freezer Pleasers for Mom"
Premiering Sunday, May 10th at 12:30pm - FARMHOUSE RULES -"Mother-Daughter Dinner Party"
Grilling Week - Premiering Monday, May 25th to Sunday May 31st from 8p-11pm
Food Network celebrates the launch of the summer grilling season with a week of BBQ and grilling episodes including premieres of American Diner Revival, Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Guilty Pleasures, and Guy's Grocery Games.

Grill/BBQ Weekend Cooking Block- Premiering Saturday, May 30th 7am-12pm and Sunday, May 31st 7am-2pm



  1. So we're essentially getting Extreme Makeover: Diner Edition meets Restaurant: Impossible/Kitchen Nightmares/Restaurant Takeover/Restaurant Redemption and any other, similar concepts..

  2. Very good summary.

  3. and Best thing I ever ate...Again.

  4. I am enjoying Spring Baking Championship, and I have a sick fascination with Cutthroat Kitchen. The Diner Revival show looks interesting too - definitely worth a shot. I hope Restaurant Impossible continues to be more like the last couple episodes. No more silly drama.

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  6. They definitely needed the help. Watch these posts for Gigi's closing. They can't last. Putting gold round things on the wall and putting drum light shades isn't going to help. They'll be back to the microwave in no time.And if they don't do well on the food, they'll close because I don't know how much of a nightlife business they are for just drinking while listening to music. Also, do you notice how many color schemes go much darker than before? It's all browns, blacks, greys and those old edison lights with reclaimed wood. I guess because it's a music venue and that bright, light whatever-it-was on the wall was not fitting the mood.

  7. Robert is seriously thinning. I wonder if they used that spray on hair. I agree, the place is dark, but they seem to do a lot of that now. In the earlier seasons, they used lighter themes.

  8. I agree. People love to invest their life savings and have family members kill themselves working like dogs on a sinking ship. And speaking of sinking ship, that boat thing was the worst TV ever.

  9. People in the area had better hate to do their own food shopping and cooking or this place is gonna tank tomorrow. Seriously, even if everyone did hate to cook at home there has to be better options in the town than this microwave eatery.

  10. I am having issues with this site being really slow loading the past couple days, and I'm not having this problem on other websites. Is it just me?

  11. David RofulowitzMay 3, 2015 at 3:13 AM

    Someone posted a comment on Robert's FB page saying that what he now sees on RI is fake drama that is VERY BORING (writer's caps, not mine, lol!). He continued on by saying that he (the poster) realizes that Robert is told what to do to make a buck, but never forget what made RI great. Robert replied by saying there's nothing fake, and that it's about real people, real problems and real solutions.

  12. That is like "based on a true story" or worse yet "inspired by a true story".

  13. Looks like Robert went back to Just for Men.

  14. The first episode of that Diner Revival show was filmed at a diner here on Long Island, from what I read on the Food Network's website. A person who posted a Yelp review of the diner wrote to say that it appeared to have received only a minor freshening up while the show was there.

    I've started watching The Kitchen on Saturday mornings....granted, it's kind of like the FN's version of The Chew, but I have picked up some good recipes and general cooking/household tips.

  15. Yep, except now they added Amanda as a cougar, with DUI-Ty to add interest. The little nerd-girl older chef with bad-boy carpenter. Whatever.

  16. Thanks for the information about Diner Revival! I'm interested in seeing what they do while they're at the diner if the restaurant make-over is so minimal.

    I actually like The Kitchen but don't like The Chew.

  17. I don't remember him from his first episode, but Chef Alexis was so obnoxious on Cutthroat Kitchen Evilicious! I am so glad he didn't make it to the finale.

  18. Amanda as a cougar? What young thing is she chasing? Ty is 8 years older than Amanda, and I always thought Amanda was gay anyway.

  19. It was only recently that it occurred to me that Amanda might be gay. I like her, except it bugs me to listen to her talk...she always sounds like she's whining.

  20. I entered Camp Jernard after Dancing Tom was defeated, so I'm happy to see the Love Chef moving into the finale.

  21. You're welcome! What's interesting is that on the FN's website, it describes Tim's Shipwreck Diner as struggling, but most of the reviews (even pre-rescue) on Yelp that I read were mostly positive. And I was getting a vibe that the place was popular, so who knows, lol!

  22. And I trust your degree isn't in English.

  23. Maybe Irvine was nostalgic for his Royal Navy past.

  24. Maybe they're getting a kickback from the cellphone manufacturers to get people to use the flashlight app.

  25. I like The Kitchen ever so much more than The Chew which has turned game showy--especially like that The Kitchen does not have a live audience. There was a time I never missed The Chew and now I never turn it on.

  26. It really is too game showy now. It reminds me of Dr. Oz too.

  27. I liked Chef Jernard the most.

  28. I was wondering the same thing. How is she an "older chef" when he's a "bad-boy"? And really, whoever has him can keep him.

  29. Some people just have to make ugly, unfounded remarks on this board.

  30. Seems to me that Restaurant Impossible is all washed up. It has run it's course. Now, as all leaky boats do, they sink. I do not think that RI can be saved, even with making needed changes.

  31. Oh good grief, let's not create drama where there is none. Amanda may be younger than Ty, but she comes across as older far more mature than he is because he seems stuck in frat-boy mode. Who cares if Amanda is gay, it just seems like this is another Food Network gimmick: hey, let's put a solid, stolid female chef with cute but dippy Neverland Ty for a show!!! Maybe the show will work, but Food Network is so very clunky in its decision-making process.

  32. Racist jerry2286 is fecesMay 5, 2015 at 11:08 PM

    jerry2286 • 10 hours ago
    That video needs to end with an alien popping up and saying "ayy lmao"


    That is racist Jerry's post about a 2 year old Mexican-American boy getting his skull crushed by a falling tree.

  33. I like Sandwich King too. I like Jeff Mauro, and I love how he is with his family on the show. Quite honestly, I don't know why I watch NFNS anymore.

  34. I think I watched Sandwich King once or twice, but don't remember exactly; I do like him on The Kitchen, though I stopped watching NFNS because it seemed to me, anyway, that the show became more about personality than it was about the food.

  35. Turns out Comcast has season 10 on their On-Demand. I watched the first 2 episodes. Where do I start...

    Lenny: There was a Lenny in every Country bar I ever played at, especially out West. He's trying to be John Travolta in Urban Cowboy right down to the outfit, but overshoots it by about 75 pounds. Someone forgot to tell him the Urban Cowboy craze ended in the mid-80's. Lenny was making borderline inappropriate comments practically from the git-go..and the judges liked them. Alex Gournawhateverhernameis thought he was "fun". Ok. The only difference between this Lenny and barfly Lenny was the barfly was drunk and actually got slapped a few times.

    The rest: I don't see much there to work with. I can't remember who the first one they booted was, and that was only an hour ago. The pretty boy Italian who was afraid of the camera was next. He cooked a meal and got booted, the two that didn't get something on the plate stayed. I see the show's standards haven't changed. Fortunately, since I know who won, I don't have to watch it anymore!!

  36. I think you can do better. Send him on his way and replace him with someone who doesn't do Twitterspeak!

  37. The trip was amusing, he should have had more speed built up so he'd have slid further. I didn't think he'd win with his non-stew. Not surprised though. Rules mean nothing on FN.

  38. Best part of Cowboy Lenny is that he's from New Hampshire and went to culinary school in Germany, so the whole Western schtick is a carefully constructed affectation.

  39. Sooooo stale.

  40. One thing you have to say for the yahoo is he's not cursed with self-awareness.

    Funny stuff.

  41. What's ugly? Amanda is a solid chef who is mature and kind? Ty does seem a bit like Peter Pan (aka frat kid)? No intention at all to be ugly (if you are talking about my comment), this just seems like kind of an unlikely pairing. Oh, and check it out, Ty did get arrested for DUI, so maybe that doesn't make him a "bad boy," but it is an interesting foil for Amanda's squeaky-clean image.

  42. I just found that he did Guy's Grocery Games. He's apparently been doing the fat country hick act for quite a while. Fieri mocked him a couple of times. That makes me dislike Fieri a little less.

  43. What's ugly? You called Amanda a cougar.

  44. Princess StarlightMay 9, 2015 at 7:50 AM

    Whoa, woah, while I agree that it is annoying but he only does it to bug me. Breaking up with someone using internet slang is a tad harsh.

  45. With Alton Brown expanding his personal tour and not returning to FNStar, combined with this being what I think is the final year of his current contract, it seems to me he and FN are not long for each other. I think he's gone sour on FN following the Justin debacle of just a couple of years ago, and sees the network deteriorating with each passing week.

  46. Wompa Wompa? Are you the guy that owns that restaurant with the name that sounds like a motorcycle revving up, Whabah?

  47. To be honest, FNS pushes contestants into having a fixed POV, and Jeff went with Sandwich King and wound up stuck with it for quite some time. He actually has a well-rounded culinary training and has been working to break the sandwich-maker mold in recent times.

  48. You sound just like Temperance Brennan. You can't wrap your head around anything you cannot touch. Psychology and Psychiatry are definitely sciences, the latter even requiring a medical degree. If you have ever known someone who was helped by a psychiatrist or psychologist, then you would change your opinion. In the meantime, shut up about a subject about which you obviously know nothing.