Friday, December 19, 2014

Hurley's American Grille From Restaurant Impossible To Close

Photo - Food Network
Hurley's American Grille in Horsham, PA, which was featured on season six of Restaurant Impossible will be closing on December 21, 2014.  Hurley's, named Edibles before the makeover, was one of the few restaurants from Restaurant Impossible that Robert Irvine decided to change the name of.

On December 16th, the restaurant posted the following on their Facebook page:
"We regret to inform you that Hurley's American Grille will be closing our doors at the end of the business day on Dec. 21st.. We wish to thank all of you that have supported us over the years."
They also commented that "Corman Corp has bought the property and plans to build a new shopping center here."

That comment makes it seem like they could have been forced out, but it appears like they have no plans to relocate. 

This will be the ninth restaurant from season six (2013) of Restaurant Impossible to close and the Restaurant Impossible Update page has been updated with this information. 


  1. Lack of relocation plans suggests that it was probably just getting by at best- I can't believe a genuinely profitable restaurant wouldn't have moved given the circumstances.

  2. Retirement, health, etc.

  3. Hate this show. I want to learn new receipes. Not how to run a restaurant

  4. Then why on earth are you warching it and then looking up the website and coming here to comment?

  5. If they got a good deal, they probably said screw the hustle and grind of a restaurant. My uncle received a very sweet payday from a real estate developer. Got all of the money back that he wasted and then some.