Friday, July 25, 2014

See Food Network Star Finalists On Rachael Ray Before Sunday's Episode

Photo - Rachael Ray
This Sunday on Food Network Star, the finalists have to perform a demo on the Rachael Ray Show in front of a live audience.

Today, on the Rachael Ray Show, they actually aired the episode where all of the Food Network Star finalists do their demo.  I'm surprised this would air before the actual episode of Food Network Star aired, but perhaps it was a mistake?

Here are all of the videos of the demos if you want to check them out before the episode airs on Sunday.

Some notes from the clips and the show:

  • Loreal was bleeped at the beginning of her demo when talking to Rachael Ray.
  • Loreal handles raw chicken, and then touches food to serve without washing her hands.
  • The kids Luca was cooking for refused to eat his dish (I don't think they would have eaten anything).
  • A kid spits out Nicole's dish after trying it.
  • At the end of the episode, Giada De Laurentiis revealed she thought the guys did better than the girls.

After watching the videos, who do you think is going home?  I think it will be Loreal going home this week after seeing them all.  Her demo was pretty hard to watch, and also having to be bleeped probably didn't help.  It will be interesting to see how Food Network Star edits these demos compared to the Rachael Ray Show too.


  1. I think Loreal should go home; that really was painful to watch.

    I also agree that the kids who refused Luca's food would have probably refused anything; they were clearly raised to be anti-vegetables. The mother was making faces too, just talking about vegetables. I think Luca's was the best - and not just because he's my favourite.

    Nicol made a lot of awkward, over-exaggerated movements. She seemed nervous but handled it better than Loreal did.

    I'm not a Lenny fan, but I think he did a good job and connected with the family more than others. And he seemed more real. I would watch him if he were like this more often.

    And Sarah sure didn't start on the right foot, beginning her segment by telling the family why she's a freezer expert.

  2. The part with the little boy spitting out Nicole's food was funny, but I did wonder why she put that in a meal for kids. Most young kids don't care for spicy foods. I did think Nicole did a good demo, she was more personable and warm than I've seen her lately.
    I did not care for Loreal's demo at all. In my opinion she seemed fake. If I'd just turned on the show I wouldn't have gotten into watching her at all.
    Lenny had some good tips, especially about the rice and I thought Luca did well also. I agree that probably those boys were not going to try anything no matter who made it. Thanks for the link to their demos!

  3. Lenny was the most informative and entertaining. He related to the kids, gave them a snack and had some good tips. All parents know that if kid is waiting for something, food will occupy them.....especially if they are hungry. Lenny was on top of that. The dish looked like something I would like to and could make fairly easily. Go Lenny!!!!! You are the Man!!!!

  4. I'm thinking Loreal as well, and much as I hate to admit it, Lenny totally blew me away. I felt sorry for Luca, but I think he handled it well since I don't think those kids would even have tasted a sweet dessert at that point.

  5. I agree about Sarah's outfit! I kept thinking what made you choose this, today of all days? Loreal's though, was so tight that it bothered me too. But then again, I couldn't stand what Demaris wore during any of the episodes of Star Salvation, so maybe I'm too picky. That woman has some issues and doesn't know how to dress to downplay the ones that need it and put the emphasis where it needs to be. FN should provide them some professional advice along these lines.

  6. Merlin_Arrowhead_AddictJuly 27, 2014 at 12:39 PM

    I am starting to wonder if this is going to be a repeat of last season. Last season the final 5 consisted of three strong female contestants and two weak male contestants. FN eliminated two of the women to present the fans with only one real viable choice, Demaris. This year, Lenny has led from the start. Giada's pet, Luca was sequestered so he could be coached up and polished. Sarah has been shown by FN as a mean girl so we would not vote for her. Nicole seems sweet, but not that memorable.

    I think the giveaway was last episode. Lenny botched cooking with sea urchin and Alton wonders if it's time to send him home? Really? The guy who has shown he is consistently funny, likeable, can both teach and cook? He has been, by far, your star. Plus, you have Bob and Susie wonder if he can't perform in a small room. It sounds like FN is setting up an excuse to get rid of him. Loreal is quirky and funny, but really hasn't shown much expertise with meat, her supposed strength.

    If I am right, Loreal and Lenny will go and we will be left with the FN predetermined winner, Luca, plus Sarah and Nicole to 'vote' for.

    Am I being too cynical?

  7. I didn't get to see the show yet (RR) but I did hear it. Outside of having favorites, you all sounded somewhat objective.
    Having seen all the episodes in the last 10 years, I will say that only once did I get the winner right.
    Knowing something about their backgrounds and given their performances this season I believe who the final two should be. Means nothing, I am one for nine. I suspect it wont be either, and I suspect number 5 will go immediately tonight going to a show for the final four. We shall see. If I am right it will be two women and two men. My cynical side says we have been set up big time, and I don't appreciate it. But think about it, except for daytime shows FN has become a game show network.
    They "the network" , and the judges, adjust their critiques to achieve their goals. Do you really believe viewers will pick the next star???

  8. Very good points and no, I do not believe the viewers will pick the next star.

  9. I believe viewers "pick" the next star, but the voting is manipulated by the final choices provided by the judges and producers, so it ultimately becomes a "Hobson's Choice."

  10. No, as you put it, it makes perfect sense.

    But we may both be wrong. I would have sworn last season that they had the whole thing set up for that girl from restaurant impossible (Stacey something) to win..and she was eliminated before the voting.

  11. Merlin_Arrowhead_AddictJuly 28, 2014 at 10:46 PM

    I agree. Last year I thought Stacey was the anointed. I do wonder if the Paula Deen Implosion caused them to shift from Stacey to Demaris.