Thursday, July 17, 2014

Italian Village From Restaurant Impossible To Close

Photo - Food Network
Italian Village in Milmont Park, Pennsylvania, which was featured on season four of Restaurant Impossible is closing.  There is a live on-site auction at the restaurant on Saturday July 26th, and the auction group is selling all of the contents of Italian Village including their liquor license, furniture, supplies, and equipment (link to auction).

Also, the restaurant location is currently listed for sale for $450,000 (link to listing).  I called the restaurant to ask when they would be closing for good, and they said their last day open would be July 20th.

The auction listing says they are auctioning the restaurant contents "due to retirement," while the real estate listing is listed as a bank foreclosure.  Probably a case where the auctioneers think they can get more money if people do not think it is a foreclosed property.

This is the eighth restaurant from season four of Restaurant Impossible that has closed, and the Restaurant Impossible Update page has been updated to show this.


  1. The condition in the sale announcement is "Distressed." I'm thinking if they were merely retiring, the condition would be better, so I'm going with foreclosure.

  2. I hate to see people lose their businesses. I know it's a fact of life, but it's still sad. I do agree it is probably was foreclosed.

  3. Mwa-ha-ha!

    But seriously, FN also used to have non-FN-regular judges like Jonathan "Obi-Wan" Waxman and Eric Greenspan. Now, the network is not only insular in terms of the guest judges, but there now seem to be no guest judges, and it's strictly up to "the triumvirate" and Susie and Bob.

    I don't think Alex G. even had any judging input on the "instructing" challenge.

  4. Sarah needs to go home! It is as if she has never even eaten in Texas. I am personally insulted that she is even attempting to continue the fa├žade of her Texas POV. I am a Texas native and really hate how poorly she is representing our people and food!

    Also, Nicole LIED to everyone, including the judges! She should have been on the bottom this week and Emma should not have been (especially since Emma did so well on the food descriptions).

  5. I disagree with you about Alton not liking Lenny's belly-flop. Remember he told Giada he'd give all of his tokens to see Lenny do it.

    I totally agree that Sarah needs to go. She whined through the entire episode. Sarah, you cooked a crap dish. Quit blaming Chris and be glad you didn't go home instead, because you seriously should have.

  6. Sarah has absolutely NO POV. The only one with a clear cut POV is Lenny. If the rest have one it is a blur and they aren't living up to it.

  7. I completely agree. Alton said it for me when he point-blank told Loreal, "I don't trust you."

  8. The account of the reasons for closing given by the owner in local papers blames everything and everyone BUT himself! People preferred the old menu; HAH!!! The "old menu" could be had at the more than a dozen other pizza/steak/hoagie shops(yes 'hoagie' I'm a local) within a thousand yards, and better quality also. Dollar menus at fast food franchises; HAH!!! I'm on social security and still would rather pay for a good meal once a week, cook at home the remainder, than eat ANYTHING prepared on an assembly line! The economy; again HAH!!! The dozen or more other places are All still there. I could go on but it is a moot point. Bottom line; unwillingness to change with thetimes and listen to constructive criticism is detrimental to ANY business!