Friday, June 13, 2014

Food Network Related News and Links

  • Cutthroat Kitchen is already casting for their sixth season.  Here is how fast they are producing shows:
  • So, despite not even being a year old, Cutthroat Kitchen is already going to produce season 6.  It looks like they are going the Chopped route with the show and continuously producing new episodes due to the success of the show.  Chopped is well over 200 episodes filmed in about 5 years with multiple seasons per year.
*Side note - in the application, you can request chefs you want to compete against.
  • Mario Batali's web series on Hulu called The High Road started this week.  The first episode of the 12-episode series features George Stephanopolous
  • In Alton Brown's latest web video, he teaches you how to build a derrick to deep fry a turkey.
  • Beat Bobby Flay is filming season 2 of the show in June and is looking for audience members for the show.  The pay is $50 to $60 for 6 hours of your time.  You basically have to be able to stand and clap.  It looks like there are 14 different time slots, so this season will be longer with 13 to 14 episodes.  Also, as audience members need to be there for 6 hours, it means that it probably takes 6 hours to film a 30 minute episode.
  • Sandra Lee's property tax is set to go up 29% after a new assessment on her home valued it at $1.2 million.  Improvements were done to her house last month, and supposedly the proper permits weren't obtained.  The total amount of additional tax is roughly $8,200. (Link)


  1. Couldn't happen to a nicer person than Sandra Lee *laughing*. Sorry to be mean, but she just grates on my last nerve ~ badly!

  2. At this point, the word "season" as it pertains to television is meaningless.

  3. In the UK, a group of episodes is referred to as a series rather than a season, which makes far more sense. And season would not be such a misleading term if the regulars on such programs didn't refer to each season as if it were a year; for instance, referring to the current season of FNS as if it were the 10th anniversary.