Sunday, December 16, 2012

Marcel Vigneron Eliminated From The Next Iron Chef: Redemption

Marcel Vigneron Eliminated Next Iron ChefMarcel Vigneron was the latest chef eliminated from The Next Iron Chef: Redemption after failing to beat Alex Guarnaschelli in the Elimination Challenge.  That means Nate Appleman, Amanda Freitag, and Alex Guarnaschelli will be in the finals next week.  In the finale, one chef will be eliminated in the first challange, and the final two chefs will battle it out in Kitchen Stadium to determine the winner of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption.

In this episode, the Chairman's Challenge had the chefs putting together a buffet with 2 cold offerings and 3 warm offerings around the ingredient of bacon.  Amanda Freitag and Nate Appleman were on one team, and Marcel Vigneron and Alex Guarnaschelli were on another team.  The judges overwhelmingly decided that Amanda and Nate's buffet was the better buffet and they both advanced to compete in the finale.

Alex Guarnaschelli and Marcel Vigneron were in the bottom 2 and went on to compete against each other in the Elimination Challenge, with the winner going on to the finale, and the loser going home.  The secret ingredient was chocolate and candies.  Alex Guarnaschelli made duck breast with red wine onions and chocolate duck heart, while Marcel made a white chocolate curry risotto along with chocolate eggplant and lamb.  The judges decided to eliminate Marcel Vigneron from the competition because they felt his lamb was underdone.

What were your thoughts on the elimination?  I think most would assume that seeing Alex vs. Marcel in the elimination challenge would result in Marcel being eliminated even if his food was better.  I will have a poll up shortly to see who you are rooting for in the finale.

Update - Poll is up - go vote.


  1. Finally! Iswear if he made it any further then the show would have really lost its credibility...

    Overall though I'll admit that Marcel has grown up a lot since his Top Chef days but his commentary showed hes still immature at times..

    Im personally rooting for Amanda Freitag, a lot are expecting Alex Guarnaschelli to win especially with Liz out of her way(i believe she could have wiped out Amanda, Nate, or Alex in the finale) but I feel Alex has been more of a floater in this season where last season she seemed more on it. Nate is still a sleeper but I really do think a woman is winning this season and its just a matter of who...

    Amanda has really stepped it up and Id be happy to see her win

  2. The narrative continues...Next Appleman goes down first and is quite angry about it with Guarnaschelli winning in the face off with Freitag.

    With a buffet challenge where they didn't really make a buffet or serve from one, it made for a strange episode. How do you serve yourself at a buffet with whole bacon wrapped chickens? I guess since they called it elevating the buffet it let them cheat on the concept. 

  3. Freitag is more marketable for Food Network than Guarnaschelli.

    Freitag is more attractive and that matters when you become one of the faces for the network.

    Reading Robert Irvine's Twitter he was trying to get Alex to the gym so he could train her and get here weight down. She refused and it will cost her here.

  4. The comment that Freitag will win because Guarnaschelli is less attractive really sucks!  It may be a reality of television, but it does not have to be so if we choose to change it.

    I hope Alex wins because I like the way she treats people in addition to her great desire to become an Iron Chef.  

    (A;so, Appleman is so angry; I can't see how that makes heis food any good.)

  5. That's usually true. But Alex G. has been an A-lister on Food Network for a long time. She's had her own show (was "Alex's Day Off" canceled?) and featured in various special one-off episodes and so forth. The FN audience knows her very well, plus she knows how to give good TV and play it up for the cameras and give that badass persona (even if she isn't).

  6. There was no way the producers were going to let Marcel win. Regardless of the competition, in the end they want an Iron Chef with credibility and someone they can market as well.  They just know that their audience would not watch ICA with Marcel as an Iron Chef.  I know I wouldn't

  7. FINALLY. That guy is a waste of space. He is a complete moron and served the judges inedible food! He just got lucky staying on this long. He had some easy competition (Spike and Dusky) and all his comments were inappropriate. He is selfish and immature and could have never won this competition. Good riddance!

  8. Are you kidding? have you watched any other show she is on?? Guarnaschelli has a terrible attitude. She does not have a genuine passion, she just wants to win and will do anything to get there. Even if that means to be rude and just vile. 

  9. I wanted Marcel to win.  You heard the comments from the judges, he is very good.

    1. And we meet his one and only fan aside from Spike Mendelsohn