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Food Network January 2013 Programming Highlights

Rachael Vs Guy Season 2 Team Guy
The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in January on the channel and some of the highlights include:
  • Series premiere of Bobby's Dinner Battle on Saturday, January 19th
  • Season 2 of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell begins Thursday January 31st.  Last season there were 6 episodes, and I am pretty sure 0 of the 6 chefs stuck around to work at the restaurant.  This season is 13 episodes, so hopefully it is more successful.
  • Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off begins on Sunday, January 6th.
  • New season of Chopped Champions beginning on Tuesday, January 15th.
  • For Aarti Sequeira fans, she has a new show on the Cooking Channel called Taste In Translation beginning Thursday, January 4th.

Press Release below:

Food Network rings in the New Year with season two of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off on Sunday, January 6th at 9pm as eight celebrity chefs battle for a chance to win $50,000 for the charity of their choice. Then, for those looking for a healthy start to the New Year, on Monday, January 14th Bobby Flay Fit is a seven-episode digital series based on Bobby's philosophy that it only takes one week to create healthier habits with moderation and exercise. Two days later, Bobby Flay hits the road on a cross-country journey to uncover the nation's best home cooks and entertainers in new series Bobby's Dinner Battle, premiering Wednesday, January 16th at 10pm. Primetime programming heats up with a new season of Chopped Champions as returning winners compete for $50,000 and the ultimate Chopped title beginning Tuesday, January 15th at 10pm. Anne Burrell helps restaurants across the country bring fresh faces to the executive chef position in a new season of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell on Thursday, January 31st at 10pm. Food Network also boasts a new season of Barefoot Contessa on Saturday, January 12th at 11am, and The Pioneer Woman returns for a fourth season on Saturday January 26th at 10am. is the go-to destination to get the New Year started off right with fresh ideas including recipes and tips to make this year one to remember. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off - Premiering Sunday, January 6th at 9pm
Food Network icon Rachael Ray and best-selling cookbook author and successful restaurateur Guy Fieri, return to coach and mentor eight new celebrity contestants for the second season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. The eight celebrities are divided into Team Guy and Team Rachael, as they head out to the west coast to compete over the course of six episodes in intense weekly challenges that are sure to have them working, fighting and laughing along the way. The losing team must send its two bottom-rated contestants to face off against each other, with one member sent home each week in a blind tasting elimination challenge. The last celebrity standing will join the ranks of season one winner, Lou Diamond Phillips, and win $50,000 for which they are playing.
Premiering Sunday, January 6th at 9pm - "The Show Must Go On" - SEASON PREMIERE!
Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri meet the eight celebrity contestants as they prepare to pick their teams. The competition begins as both teams cook a prix-fixe tasting menu at a Los Angeles dinner theater, as well as perform a three-minute skit for one hundred theatergoers, Rachael and Guy, and special guest judges, including the editorial staff at Entertainment Weekly. The judges and dinner guests vote on the team's dishes, leaving the bottom two celebrities to compete in a sudden death challenge. At the end of the day, one celebrity is eliminated from the competition.
Premiering Sunday, January 13th at 9pm - "Hollywood Walk of Farm"
Team Rachael and Team Guy take to farming in this episode at Underwood Family Farm, as they gather produce and create fresh, farm-to-table dishes for the staff, family, and friends. It's a good, old-fashioned feast served family-style in the middle of a farm. The Underwood family and their guests vote on which team wins, with the least successful celebrities on the losing team going head-to-head in a sudden death challenge to determine which one goes home.
Premiering Sunday, January 20th at 9pm - "Bright lights, Big Classics"
The teams revamp the menu of Mel's Diner on Sunset Boulevard by putting a new and unique spin on three classic diner foods. They will cook their dishes and then, in old-school, diner fashion, dress the part with outfits, paper hats, and hairnets to serve to customers inside the restaurant and in their cars. In the end, the customers decide the winners of the competition, leaving two celebrities to compete in the elimination challenge.
Premiering Sunday, January 27th at 9pm - "Picky Palates"
It's a battle of the sexes as the teams must throw a birthday party for one lucky girl and boy. After receiving instructions from the birthday boy and girl, each team cooks and serves the meals to the pint-sized partygoers. Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family will help judge the celebrities, with the bottom two battling it out in a sudden-death elimination.
Bobby's Dinner Battle -Premiering Wednesday, January 16th at 10pm
It's time for the dinner party competition of a lifetime! Bobby Flay has canvassed the United States, locating America's most outstanding home cooks and offering them the chance to be crowned their city's best. Using their unique skills and home-grown ingenuity, each team must take a limited budget and only three hours to transform a secret theme into a spectacular three-course dinner party for Bobby, their competition, and a special guest. Let the battle for dinner supremacy begin!
Chopped Champions Season 4 - Premiering Tuesday, January 15th at 10pm
Heart-stopping drama, astonishing ingredients, and $50,000 on the must be Chopped Champions! In an all-new Chopped Champions tournament, sixteen incredible returning winners compete for $50,000 and ultimate bragging rights. Mystery basket surprises abound, from much-hated haggis to slimy sea snails, and the pressure of the clock and unforeseen mishaps raise the magnitude of tension in the Chopped Kitchen to epic levels. The winners of four preliminary match-ups advance to the finale for the chance at a third victory, the big prize, and the title of Chopped Grand Champion!
Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell - Premiering Thursday, January 31st at 10pm
Rockstar chef and kitchen mentor Anne Burrell lends her expertise to well-known restaurants around the country to help them find their make or break employee - the Executive Chef. In this Food Network series Chef Anne puts four top-notch candidates to the ultimate test of their culinary knowledge and business savvy in a wide range of challenges. From assessing their knowledge of spices and ingredients to having them create their own theme night for dinner service, and testing their butchering skills to craft a custom cut of meat, these chefs must tap into their strongest talents for one night at running acclaimed restaurants.
Barefoot Contessa- Premiering Saturday, January 12th at 11am - "The Adventure Begins" - SEASON PREMIERE
Dinner on day one of Ina and Jeffrey's California trip is Chicken with Wild Mushrooms and Green Salad with Napa Vinaigrette. The fun continues with an invitation to cook Baked Goat Cheese at Sinskey's Vineyard. Then, it's a casual Napa-style supper with Jeffrey's Grilled Pork Chops served with Green Beans Gremolata.
The Pioneer Woman - Premiering Saturday January 26th at10am - "Ranch Games" - SEASON PREMIERE
The family that plays together stays together. Ree, Ladd and the extended family get together for some good ol' friendly ranch-style sporting competition. Afterwards, there's Tangy Tomato Brisket, Onion Strings, Blanched Broccoli and Cheese Dipping Sauce for lunch, plus Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches to celebrate the ranch games.
Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives New Year's Eve - Premiering Monday, December 31st at 6pm - 12am
Countdown to the New Year with Guy Fieri and a full night of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
New Year's Day Brunch and Breakfast Block - Premiering Tuesday, January 1st at 9:30am - 2pm
Enjoy a hearty New Year's morning meal served up by your favorite Food Network chefs featuring episodes of Paula's Best Dishes, Not My Mama's Meals, Giada at Home, Barefoot Contessa, Trisha's Southern Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman.
New Year's Day Mystery Diners Marathon - Premiering Tuesday, January 1st at 2pm - 7pm
When a restaurant owner suspects employees of not doing their jobs - whether it be stealing, lying, mistreating customers or generally doing lousy work - they call in the Mystery Diners.
New Year's Day Chopped Block - Premiering Tuesday, January 1st at 7pm - 12am
Chopped rings in the New Year with a five-hour block of mystery baskets, featuring a premiere episode at 10pm.
Chopped - Premiering Tuesday, January 1st at 10pm - "Belly Up"
The chefs must combine cocoa mix with Japanese peppers in a challenging first-course round. Then in the entree round, one chef accidentally drops pork belly onto the floor, but it's what happens when the chef picks the meat up off the floor that shocks the judges most. Then in the dessert round, the two finalists attempt to make great, green desserts from an ice-cream-truck treat and wheat grass.
Premiering Tuesday, January 8th at 10pm - "Leftovers Overload"
In this special episode, all the baskets are full of leftover foods, and the four competitors demonstrate some tricks and recipes you might want to try at home. In the first round, one chef makes a very daring soup using pieces of a sub sandwich, and the judges do not know whether to be impressed or frightened. Then in the entree round, two competitors think of a similar idea, and the other chef tries to make the argument that creativity with the leftover rib-eye steak is higher in his alternative concept. The two finalists endeavor to create fresh, fun desserts from flat soda, mushy bananas and a melting sundae.
Sugar Dome - Premiering Sunday, January 6th at 8pm - "The 80's"
Cake artists, sugar artists, and graffiti artists go back to a time of neon pants, big hair, and loud music as they team up in a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists, to create revolutionary displays that capture the 1980s. Three teams enter the Sugar Dome, but only one will walk away with a $15,000 prize.
Guest judge: Charlene Tilton
Premiering Sunday, January 13th at 8pm - "Dangers of the Deep"
Teams made up of a cake artist, sugar artist, and Hollywood Scenic Artist take a journey to the depths of the sea. They must combine their talents to create revolutionary food art that captures the danger and mystery of what lies beneath the ocean. After a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists, only one team will walk away with a $15,000 prize.
Guest judge: Brett McBride
Premiering Sunday, January 20th at 8pm - "Daredevil Stunts"
It's a death-defying adrenaline-fueled thrill ride as teams composed of a cake artist, chocolatier and welder team up to create mind-blowing edible displays that capture the spirit of extreme daredevil stunts. After a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists, only one team will walk away with a $15,000 prize.
Guest judge: Nate Adams
Premiering Sunday, January 27th at 8pm - "Cops and Robbers"
It's the caper of a life time as teams comprised of a cake artist, sugar artist and fruit carver join forces in a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists. Their edible creations must capture the epic story of thievery and the ultimate cat and mouse game of cops versus robbers. At stake is a $15,000 prize.
Guest judge: Matthew Thurman
Iron Chef America - Premiering Sunday, December 30th at 9pm - "NIC Winner vs. Judy Joo"
In this international competition, the newest Iron Chef faces off against Iron Chef UK Judy Joo.
Premiering Sunday, January 6th at 10pm - "Flay vs. Pham"
Iron Chef Bobby Flay faces off against Challenger Viet Pham. Chef Pham is co-owner of Forage, an award-winning restaurant in Salt Lake City. Judges are Simon Majumdar, Donatella Arpaia and Ben Sargent.
Premiering Sunday, January 13th at 10pm - "Zakarian vs. Chiarello"
Challenger Michael Chiarello seeks redemption in his face off against Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Chef Chiarello lost to Iron Chef Zakarian in The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs. Judges are Neil Patrick Harris, Donatella Arpaia and David Burtka.
Premiering Sunday, January 20th at 11pm - "Forgione vs. Kittichai"
In this international competition, Marc Forgione faces off against Iron Chef Thailand Ian Kittichai. Judges are Judy Joo, Martin Yan and Eden Grinshpan.
Premiering Sunday, January 27th at 11pm - "Symon vs. Tio"
Iron Chef Michael Symon faces off against Challenger Chef Celina Tio. Chef Tio participated in the third season of The Next Iron Chef, for which Iron Chef Symon was a judge. Judges are Anthony Anderson, Karine Bakhoum and Michael Ruhlman.
Healthy Resolutions Weekend Cooking Block - Premiering January 5th and 6th from 7am - 12pm
Start the New Year with a weekend's worth of quick and easy healthy cooking tips featuring new episodes from Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, and Not My Mama's Meals.
Money Saving Weekend Cooking Block - Premiering January 19th and 20th from 7am - 12pm
Food Network's top talent share their favorite tips for an entire weekend's menu of money saving meals featuring premiere episodes from Paula's Best Dishes, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Not My Momma's Meals and Guy's Big Bite.
Big Game Weekend Cooking Block - Premiering January 26th and 27th from 7am - 12pm
There is only one way to plan a blowout sports party and it's with the help of fan-favorite Food Network chefs. The block features premiere episodes of Paula's Best Dishes, The Pioneer Woman, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Giada at Home, Not My Mama's Meals, Guy's Big Bite and The Best Thing I Ever Made.
Daytime: The Best Thing I Ever Made, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman, Paula's Best Dishes, Trisha's Southern Kitchen
Primetime: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Mystery Diners, Restaurant Impossible, Sweet Genius
Photo - Food Network


  1. I think Phil is still at David Burke's

  2. Pretty sure David Burke was going to hire him no matter what and did the show for more exposure.  But yeah, looks like he's still there.

  3. Looking forward to watching Bobby Flay's new show on home cooks!!

  4. Read through all the upcoming shows just listed and do not see last year's FNS winner Justin Warner anywhere.......when is his show to begin?  I read that it's not to be a cooking show, but a travel type show which is disappointing. I think something happened to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into it, but will we ever know the truth??

  5. I was wondering the same thing!

  6. I think this list is only for the beginning season (noticed theyre all in January) ...

    I mean theres no mention of Werners show perhaps because itll premier later in this year... Also it mention Chopped Champions in a few weeks, but theres supposely Chopped All-Stars (3rd one) in maybe the spring but no mention of that anywhere... Im also pretty sure they will have another season of Food Network Star(usually Summer) and Next Iron Chef(usually Winter) neither listed here...

    Pretty much the title misleading "highlights of 2013" but this is definitly not ALL the shows for the year. Theyre pretty much mentioning the shows starting soon.

    So Sugar Dome pretty much replaced the Food Network Challenges? I miss that format ... Im getting sick of Cupcake Wars cant they just do away with Sugar Dome and Cupcake Wars and just have Cake Wars?!

    1. Actually I just realized it does say January 2013 Highlights... we all just need to read it better! Definitly not the whole year of shows..

      Also in an earlier fn gossip post Justin mentions his show should start filming this month (January) so im expecting it to be premiered around the time they start the Food Network Star program

  7. Missing all the regular shows starting in the morning & going throughout the day. A lot of the regular shows we have seen at least 10 times if not more & I still watch a few. Today, most of the day we get to watch reruns of Anne B. chief wanted which I have already watched. I'd really like the regular cooking shows but new ones. Use to watch all day throughout day but not anymore. Are you ever going back to our regular New shows? Sandra