Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jehangir Mehta Eliminated From The Next Iron Chef Redemption

Jehangir Mehta Eliminated Next Iron ChefJehangir Mehta was the latest chef eliminated from The Next Iron Chef: Redemption after failing to beat Nate Appleman in the Elimination Challenge.

The Chairman's Challenge had the chefs fusing together ingredients that did not go together such as peanut butter and blue cheese, bone marrow and skittles, clams and strawberries, and calamari and marshmallows.  Marcel Vigneron got to pick his ingredient pair from winning last weeks challenge, and assign the other ingredient pairings to the remaining chefs. 

Marcel picked peanut butter and blue cheese which ended up working out for him as his dish highly impressed the judges and put him in the top 2 to survive.  Amanda Freitag ended up winning the challenge with her calimari and marshmallow dish and Alex Guarnaschelli survived as well, proving all of their time on Chopped helped with pairings of crazy ingredients.

Jehangir Mehta and Nate Appleman were in the bottom 2 and sent to the Elimination Challenge, where the secret ingredient was shrimp.  Nate Appleman made a shrimp and pea pancake with roasted shrimp head.  Jehangir Mehta made mustard and cumin shrimp with mung bean salad.  The judges felt both of the dishes were average, but decided to eliminate Chef Mehta due to the spices not working in his shrimp dish.

I don't think everyone will be as mad as they were last week when Elizabeth Falkner was eliminated, but I could be wrong.  What did you think of the elimination this week?


  1. It's interesting that Marcel is still around. He seemed like cannon fodder at first, but he's holding his own. Appleman, with his simmering rage, is better TV than low-key Mehta, which probably gave him the edge.

  2. I still think Faulkner got screwed and needs to come back

  3. Chef Mehta should have been eliminated a while back. I don't think he is a team player and also very cocky. I feel Chef Faulkner was robbed but in a way she did it to herself by choosing Chef Appleman to go into elimination.

  4. Yeah I wasnt too surprised because Mehta did the worst in the actual challenge of fusion by only using the lemon and lime 'rainbow candy' (as we all know as skittles) and actually by hiding the ingredient instead of embracing it... like what the hell was the point of he single lime chili candy?! I agree I think he should have been eliminated 3 episodes ago when it was the 4 way cook off and Greenspan was eliminated instead of Mehta.. alhough Mehta made it to the finale in his season, I never really cared for his personality.. alhough he was somewhat more dignified his time around, his dishes just werent as impressive...

    In retrospect I wish Faulkner was still there because she would have murdered that challenge, shes a specialist of fusion and especially because she won the candy challenge last season so you know she would find a way to fush a processed candy rather than fearing it like Mehta did. (I know not all the sweet ingredients were candy but still she would have done great)

    On the other hand Im so happy for Amanda now.. I really am rootijg for her more than anyone else now.. I wanted to vomit when Simon said about Marcel as he was leaving ,"Im telling you that boy is he next iron chef" uggh it shows his biasness which we shouldnt see but we all know of anyways! (Some say Zakarian is biased but I really dont think he is, theres a reason why he was the adored Chopped judge to win NIC last season and its because he is such an experienced judge and chef, I think Donatella and Simon show more biased comments at times than Zakarian) ... but Im glad they chose Amanda to win she really had perhaps the most feared combo out of everyone and she managed to fuse squid and marshmallows beautifully!

    From the looks of the preview for the next episode it looks like theyll be split into pairs and have to do buffet style or food for masses type of challenge and Copperfield making an appearance means a twist with magic (or perhaps hes just there to announce the twist!?)will somehow be involved. I believe rrom the previews he partners are Appleman/Freitag vs Guarnaschelli/Vigeron... im unsure if this means it will be a double elimination or if theres still going to be a top 3 before the finale... if someone knows if the finale is the sunday before xmas or the sunday before new years than we know he answer to this.. theyve always had some sort of double elimination last season's though was different in that the top 4 competed and Guarnaschelli was eliminated midway through ... then Chiarello eliminated at the end... maybe this season theyre not doing a double elimination?

  5.  From this Post
    The finale is 12/23, and there are 3 chefs to start the finale.  One is then eliminated, and the final 2 battle it out in kitchen stadium and have to make 3 dishes.

  6. Is that finale going to be 2 hours?(or maybe hour and a half?) Because usually he final is set up like an iron chef battle that takes an hours worth ... i find it hard to believe that the finale with a top 3 is only an hour...

    With that then i hope for the best next episode... I hope Marcel finally gets eliminated but I dont know Im worried for Amanda and Nate because Im finding myself rooting for both now but one fact is Nate hasnt won anything and now has been in the bottom twice in a row(plus many are still mad that Faulkner was eliminated instead of him so he probably lost a lot of popularity he may have had) ... Im on the same boat that if Alex wins then this so called redemption was probably rigged for her.. she is passionate but I dont know if she doesnt win she will always have Zakarian to sous chef for and actually I like seeing her and Zakarian as a team so I feel she will be fine either way .... Faulkner was equally if more passionate and you knew it because of how devastated she was (we all were)... and Ive fallen in love wih Amanda.. in her original season I was rooting for her to make it to the finals but at the same time she was sort of forgetable, this season she was a little rocky and unknown in the beginning but Ive been excited more by her dishes each time now... she's vey humbling as well and because of her stern look i forget shes more girlier than a lot of the women chefs weve seen so theres somehing endeering about that especally when she won last time and seemed on the verge of tears! If she gets eliminated next episode Ill be extremely sad and annoyed by the show. And if Marcel does make it to the end then there's something obviously up with this show... i mean how does he go to making careless errors and also offending the competition w/that same plate crap wih Spike to being predicting by Mujumdar to be the Next Iron Chef?...

  7. That will come back to bite you my friend.  My final 4:  Amanda, Nate, Alex, Faulkner  but now it is: Amanda, Nate, Alex, The other guy.  GO AMANDA!   Chef Faulkner should of not been eliminated.  If Chef Faulkner was still in the mix, she would win NIC!