Saturday, April 8, 2023

Tournament of Champions Season 4 Winner

Sunday night at 8pm ET on Food Network is the two-hour season 4 finale of Tournament of Champions. There are four chefs remaining who are competing for bragging rights and a $100,000 prize. The final four chefs are Jet Tila, Britt Rescigno, Maneet Chauhan, and Mei Lin.  Maneet Chauhan won season 2 of Tournament of Champions and Jet Tila was in the final four of the last two seasons, but lost to Brooke Williamson in both of them.  Britt and Mei Lin are both first time competitors.

For the semi-finals of season 4, Jet Tila will face Mei Lin and the winner will represent the West in the final matchup.  Maneet Chauhan and Britt Rescigno will face off with the winner representing the East in the final matchup.  The two winners of those match-ups will face off in the finale to determine the winner of Tournament of Champions season four.

Here is a previous post about all of the matchups and outcomes for season 4 of Tournament of Champions, but below is how the final four got to this point:

  • Jet Tila beat Carlos Anthony 84-77, Lee Anne Wong 83-78, and Adam Sobel 88-86.
  • Maneet Chauhan beat Jonathon Sawyer 92-85, Stephanie Izard 86-84, and Karen Akunowicz 88-81.
  • Britt Rescigno beat season 3 champion Tiffani Faison 89-88, Darnell Ferguson 83-81, and Jose Garces 85-81.
  • Mei Lin beat Crista Luedtke 84-82, Tiffany Derry 92-85, and Shota Nakajima 91-84.

I will update this post with the winner of the final three match-ups after the episode airs and you can discuss this season in the comments.

UPDATE - Continue reading if you want to know who won the final matchups and season 4 of Tournament of Champions.  The episode was released on Discovery+ so if you have that premium service, you can watch it there ahead of the normal air time.  Obviously spoilers ahead so stop reading if you do not want to know......

The judges for the final matchups were Ming Tsai, Cat Cora, Nancy Silverton, Lorena Garcia and the surprise guest judge - Daniel Boulud.

In the first matchup of the night, Maneet Chauhan went againt Britt Rescigno.  Maneet Chauhan defeated Britt Rescigno by a score of 87 to 80 and she will represent the East in the final matchup.

In the second matchup of the night, Jet Tila went against Mei Lin.  Mei Lin pulled a slight upset and defeated Jet Tila by a score of 90 to 87 and she will represent the West in the final matchup.

In the final matchup of Tournament of Champions season 4, Maneet Chauhan went against Mei Lin.  Mei Lin defeated Maneet Chauhan by a score of 91 to 89.  Mei Lin wins season 4 of Tournament of Champions and the prize of $100,000.  Maneet Chauhan barely misses becoming the first person to win Tournament of Champions twice.  Mei Lin's win means a female chef has won every season of TOC.

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