Sunday, April 23, 2023

Food Network's Ciao House Season 1

Food Network's newest show Ciao House airs on Sunday nights at 9pm ET on Food Network and the prize for winning is "an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs."  Alex Guarnaschelli co-hosts the show with Gabriele Bertaccini and the series will be eight episodes long with the finale on Sunday, June 4th.  It seems like Giada De Laurentiis would have been on this show if she didn't leave Food Network for Amazon. The ten competitors living together and competing for the prize are:

  • Omar Ashley (Avenel, New Jersey)
  • Corey Becker (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Saba Duffy (Framingham, Massachusetts)
  • Trenica Johnson (Houston, Texas)
  • Jess Mahoney (Los Angeles, California)
  • Preston Paine (Dallas, Texas)
  • Sarah Raffetto (New York, New York)
  • Justin Robinson (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Natalia Rosario (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Matt Wasson (Staten Island, New York)

They will compete against each other as individuals and in teams to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes.  Each week, new teams are picked and someone from the losing team will be eliminated by team voting.  The first episode is available on YouTube if you need to catch up and feel free to discuss the season in the comments.  

UPDATE - To see who won Ciao House, visit this post on the finale. 

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