Thursday, June 4, 2020

Rosie's Cafe From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

Rosie's Cafe in Escondido, California, which appeared on season 14 of Restaurant Impossible has closed.  Rosie's Cafe was owned by Kaitlyn "Rosie" Pilsbury who in December of 2019 was involved in a serious hit-and-run motorcycle accident which left her with serious injuries.  When Robert Irvine heard about it, he filmed another episode in February 2020 to help raise money for Rosie.  That episode aired on May 18th, 2020 and the episode raised almost $120,000 for Rosie.

About a week after that episode aired, the restaurant announced on Facebook that they would close for good.  Their message said,
"The historic and innovative location within Escondido’s community known as Rosie’s Café is saddened to announce that between the effects from the horrible crime that struck "Rosie" and the Covid-19 pandemic, Rosie’s Café has closed permanently.
It is heartbreaking for “Rosie” and her crew to accept this reality. However, health and safety are top priorities. “Rosie” is grateful she is alive and strongly committed to her recovery process with a mixture of physical, cognitive, and occupational therapies.
We are optimistic that the future will continue to thrive at this location with the amazing community around. We believe whoever steps in will embrace, cherish, and positively satisfy the community that Rosie’s Café adores so much.
“Rosie” is extremely grateful for all the love and support she has received, especially from the community. Her new motto is “Never Quit being grateful for YOUR life!” She sends a big THANK YOU with hugs, smiles and positivity to all of you.
Stu (Rosie’s dog) says Hi and that he misses you all too. "Rosie" and Stu plan to see you all again, one night at an annual Cruising Grand celebration. Stay healthy and safe individually, and as a community! She says, “remember the power of your minds and use them wisely because this is not the end; it is a new beginning!"
Rosie's Cafe closed on March 25 due to the social distancing regulations and did not offer any takeout service, so they have been closed since then.  The decision to close must have been a hard one, but after Rosie's accident, it is not surprising.  Hopefully her health continues to improve.

Rosie's Cafe has now been marked as 'Closed' on the Restaurant Impossible Updates page

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