Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tournament of Champions Winner Crowned Tonight

Tonight at 10pm ET of Food Network is the season 1 finale of Tournament of Champions which will be an hour and a half long. The four chefs remaining who are competing for bragging rights and a new truck are Antonia Lofaso, Amanda Freitag, Maneet Chauhan, and Brooke Williamson.  With the remaining chefs all being female, this guarantees a female chef will win Tournament of Champions.

Tonight's episode will first have the two semifinal battles which are Antonia Lofaso vs. Brooke Willamson and Amanda Freitag vs. Maneet Chauhan.  Then the two winners of those match-ups will face off in the finale.

From a previous post, here are the outcomes of the match-ups throughout this season:
  • Matchup 1 - Antonia Lofaso vs. Marcel Vigneron. WINNER - Antonia Lofaso 92-89
  • Matchup 2 - Eric Greenspan vs. Jet Tila. WINNER - Jet Tila 76-72
  • Matchup 3 - Alex Guarnaschelli vs. Darnell Ferguson. WINNER - Darnell Ferguson 72-71
  • Matchup 4 - Christian Petroni vs. Marc Murphy. WINNER - Christian Petroni 85-84
  • Matchup 5 - Elizabeth Falkner vs. Amanda Freitag. WINNER - Amanda Freitag 92-82
  • Matchup 6 - Richard Blais vs. Beau Macmillan. WINNER - Beau Macmillan 81-76
  • Matchup 7 - Michael Voltaggio vs. Brooke Williamson. WINNER - Brooke Williamson 96-90
  • Matchup 8 - Maneet Chauhan vs. Rocco DiSpirito. WINNER - Maneet Chauhan 91-81
  • Matchup 9 - Antonia Lofaso vs. Beau Macmillan. WINNER - Antonia Lofaso 96-85
  • Matchup 10 - Amanda Freitag vs. Darnell Ferguson. WINNER - Amanda Freitag 82-78
  • Matchup 11 - Christian Petroni vs. Maneet Chauhan. WINNER - Maneet Chauhan 93-89
  • Matchup 12 - Brooke Williamson vs. Jet Tila. WINNER - Brooke Williamson 94-83

I will update this post with the winner of the final three match-ups after the episode airs and you can discuss this season in the comments.

Continue reading to see who won the final matchups:

Matchup 13 - Brooke Williamson vs. Antonia Lofaso. WINNER - Brooke Williamson 92-89
Matchup 14 - Amanda Freitag vs. Maneet Chauhan. WINNER - Amanda Freitag 87-85

The final matchup was Amanda Freitag vs. Brooke Williamson and they had to cook with duck, kohlrabi, and a turning slicer in a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The "randomizer" miraculously had a 3-course meal and 60 minutes for the finale and not for any other matchups.  The judges decided that Brooke Williamson had the better dishes and she won by a score of 88-87.  Brooke Williamson is the winner of Tournament of Champions and goes home with bragging rights and a new truck.  All of Brooke's scores were very impressive with scores of 96, 94, 92 and 88. 

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