Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Food Network Tournament Of Champions Discussion

Tonight at 10pm ET on Food Network is the series premiere of Tournament of ChampionsTournament of Champions is a cooking tournament where 16 of the most celebrated chefs face off in a bracket style competition.  They will have head-to-head single elimination matchups until a winner is crowned.  A randomizer machine determines the protein, produce, equipment, cooking style, and time for each of the cook-offs

There are eight chefs from the east coast: Maneet Chauhan, Rocco DiSpirito, Alex Guarnaschelli, Elizabeth Falkner, Darnell Ferguson, Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy and Christian Petroni.

And eight chefs from the west coast: Richard Blais, Eric Greenspan, Antonia Lofaso, Beau Macmillan, Jet Tila, Marcel Vigneron, Michael Voltaggio, and Brooke Williamson.

The chefs have been seeded 1 to 8 and the bracket is below:

Tournament of Champions has been heavily promoted and the season will only be five-episodes long. Round 1 will last two episodes, then the final eight, final four and final two will each have an episode.  Guy Fieri is the host, Simon Majumdar and Justin Warner will be doing play-by-play analysis of the competition, and there will be a rotating panel of judges.  As far as I can tell, it looks like the only prize for the show is bragging rights for the winning chef. UPDATE - It looks like they will win a brand new truck as well.

What do you think of the seeding and who are you rooting for to win?  I will update this post with the winners of each match-up until the finale and you can discuss Tournament of Champions in the comments.

  • Matchup 1 - Antonia Lofaso vs. Marcel Vigneron.  WINNER - Antonia Lofaso 92-89
  • Matchup 2 - Eric Greenspan vs. Jet Tila. WINNER - Jet Tila 76-72
  • Matchup 3 - Alex Guarnaschelli vs. Darnell Ferguson. WINNER - Darnell Ferguson 72-71
  • Matchup 4 - Christian Petroni vs. Marc Murphy. WINNER - Christian Petroni 85-84
  • Matchup 5 - Elizabeth Falkner vs. Amanda Freitag. WINNER - Amanda Freitag 92-82
  • Matchup 6 - Richard Blais vs. Beau Macmillan. WINNER - Beau Macmillan 81-76
  • Matchup 7 - Michael Voltaggio vs. Brooke Williamson. WINNER - Brooke Williamson 96-90
  • Matchup 8 - Maneet Chauhan vs. Rocco DiSpirito. WINNER - Maneet Chauhan 91-81 
  • Matchup 9 - Antonia Lofaso vs. Beau Macmillan.  WINNER - Antonia Lofaso 96-85
  • Matchup 10 - Amanda Freitag vs. Darnell Ferguson.  WINNER - Amanda Freitag 82-78
  • Matchup 11 - Christian Petroni vs. Maneet Chauhan. WINNER - Maneet Chauhan 93-89
  • Matchup 12 - Brooke Williamson vs. Jet Tila.  WINNER - Brooke Williamson 94-83
To see who won Tournament of Champions and to discuss the finale, see this post

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