Thursday, April 9, 2020

Vegas Chef Prizefight Winner Crowned Tonight

Photo - Food Network
Tonight at 10pm ET on Food Network is the season finale of Vegas Chef Prizefight where the winning chef will be named Head Chef at the brand-new $10 million restaurant at the Flamingo Las Vegas.  The three remaining chefs competing for the prize are Jeffrey Compton, Lamar Moore, and Jeff Kraus.

Tonight's episode description states:
"Three chefs remain, but one job interview will end after the first test, and only the final two will meet the Caesars Executives in the Caesars Board Room to make their case. In the last dinner service, the finalists create a tasting menu that showcases their dream restaurant concept. By the end, someone's life will change forever."

I will update this post with the winner of Vegas Chef Prizefight after the episode airs.

Continue reading to see who won Vegas Chef Prizefight....

After the first round, the judges decided that Lamar Moore and Jeff Kraus would move onto the final.  Lamar Moore made the better tasting menu and he was determined the winner of Vegas Chef Prizefight.   Lamar Moore will get the executive chef position at the new restaurant at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

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