Sunday, July 29, 2018

Food Network Star Episode 8 Elimination

Photo - Food Network Twitter
Tonight on Food Network Star, the final three contestants were joined by the winner of Star Salvation to make there be four finalists again.  The winner of Star Salvation was Jess Tom and she rejoined the competition.

For the challenge on tonight's episode, the four contestants had to cook a dish that displayed their culinary style and the eliminated contestants were there to serve as sous chefs.  Manny had Samone, Christian had Palak, Amy had Harrison, and Jess had Rebekah as their sous chef.  The final three then had to present their dish to the camera.  Previous Food Network Star winners Tregaye Fraser and Jason Smith were there to help Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay judge the challenge.  The judges decided that Amy Pottinger would be the finalist eliminated and she did not get to shoot a pilot.

The three finalists who shot pilots were Christian Petroni, Manny Washington, and Jess Tom.  The pilots were directed by Sunny Anderson, Duff Goldman, and Robert Irvine.  Robert Irvine directed Jess's pilot, Sunny Anderson directed Christian Petroni's, and Duff Goldman directed Manny Washington's.

The winner of season 14 of Food Network Star will be revealed next week.  I will have a poll up shortly to see who everybody is rooting for to win although there is no actual voting by the audience this year.

UPDATE - Here is a link to the poll.

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