Sunday, July 22, 2018

Food Network Star Episode 7 Elimination - Plus Star Salvation

Photo - Food Network Twitter
Tonight on Food Network Star, the four remaining finalists had to first make a "share worthy" dish that could go on Food Network's Facebook page.  Anne Burrell was there as a special guest to help film the demo video.  The contestants acted as producers and had to communicate with Anne through a wireless earpiece to guide her through a demo.  Anne, Bobby and Giada decided that Amy created the most buzzworthy shareable dish and earned an advantage in the next challenge.

On the second challenge, the finalists had to host a live "in the kitchen" show with special guest Ree Drummond.  Amy was able to pick her topic for her live show and also got to assign everybody else their topic.  Manny made the blunder of calling Ree Drummond Ree Thompson during his live show, but that wasn't enough to get him sent home as he and Christian were considered safe.  Bobby and Giada then decided that Palak Patel would be the contestant eliminated.

On Star Salvation Chris Valdes, Harrison Bader, Jess Tom and Palak Patel were competing. This episode of Star Salvation can be watched here. As is always the case with the last episode of Star Salvation, the winner was not revealed.  We will have to wait until next week's episode to see who won Star Salvation and will rejoin Food Network Star.

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