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Food Network's June 2018 Programming Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in June:

  • The season 14 premiere of Food Network Star on Sunday, June 10th at 9pm.  The Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen finale will be aired right before the Food Network Star season premiere.
  • The season finale of Best Baker in America on Monday, June 18th at 9pm.
  • A new daytime series Girl Meets Farm on Sunday, June 24th at 11am.  It has food blogger Molly Yeh who is "bringing her unique perspective and recipes that combine her Jewish and Asian roots with her Midwestern surroundings to Food Network." 
  • Guy's Ranch Feast on Sunday, June 17th at 12pm which will have Rocco DiSpirito, Alex Guarnaschelli, Jonathan Waxman, and Scott Conant.
  • New primetime episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, Dallas Cakes, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, Iron Chef America and Vegas Cakes.
  • New daytime episodes of Baked in Vermont, Giada on the Beach, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman and Valerie’s Home Cooking.

The press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

Food Network Star Returns With An All-New Search Led By Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay
Plus: Don’t Miss New Series Girl Meets Farm Has Summer Recipes Perfect for Father’s Day and Outdoor Entertaining

New York – May 15, 2018 – Dive in to summer this June with all-new series and hot new episodes of your favorite culinary competitions on Food Network. First, one former Food Network Star finalist earns a chance at redemption and the opportunity to compete for the coveted title once again on the season finale of Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen on Sunday, June 10th at 8pm. The winner will then join Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay as they search for the next big culinary star on an exciting new season of Food Network Star beginning Sunday, June 10th at 9pm. Then, don’t miss the sweet finale of Best Baker in America when host Scott Conant and judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid crown a champion on Monday, June 18th at 9pm. Also in primetime, catch premieres of Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, Dallas Cakes, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Grocery Games, Iron Chef America and Vegas Cakes. In daytime, Guy Fieri is inviting his friends back for more cooking and more fun on the special premiere of Guy’s Ranch Feast on Sunday, June 17th at 12pm & 12:30pm. Then, food blogger and cookbook author Molly Yeh is bringing her unique perspective and recipes that combine her Jewish and Asian roots with her Midwestern surroundings to Food Network with the all-new series Girl Meets Farm on Sunday, June 24th at 11am. Also in daytime, catch new episodes of Baked in Vermont, Giada on the Beach, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman and Valerie’s Home Cooking. has recipes for Father’s Day and summer entertaining that will be sure to impress guests.Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat Discover.


Beat Bobby Flay

Premiering Thursday, June 7th at 10pm – “Food Star Face Off”
Anne Burrell knows a star in the making, and legend Patti LaBelle is a star herself, so together they champion two former Food Network Star competitors, Viet Pham and Dom Tesoriero, as they fight for the chance to go head-to-head with their former mentor, Bobby Flay.

Premiering Thursday, June 14th at 10pm – “Beauty and the Beast”
The arena gets a facelift when New York City’s small but mighty chef Deb Caplan takes on Beantown’s Nicholas Lisotto. Chopped’s Scott Conant teams up with actress and model Olivia Culpo to show Bobby Flay that he’s not quite ready for his close-up.

Premiering Thursday, June 21st at 10pm – “Skirting By”
It’s an East Coast battle when Rhode Island’s Robert Sisca and Atlantic City’s Michael Brennan duke it out in the kitchen. Born and bred New Yorker and actress Susie Essman joins New Jersey transplant Sunny Anderson to taste and decide who will go up against New York City boy, Bobby Flay.

Premiering Thursday, June 28th at 10pm – “Blast from the Past”
Bobby Flay is haunted when Amanda Freitag and Katie Lee bring two ghosts from his past to the arena. Allison Fasano, Bobby’s former sous chef, and Executive Chef Paul Del Favero battle for the right to give Bobby a fright!

Online, find out what it takes to Beat Bobby Flay, where Food Network’s own chefs reveal the skills and tactics needed to defeat Bobby. You can also check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, relive highlights, tour the set and much more. Join the conversation with #BeatBobbyFlay.

Best Baker in America

Premiering Monday, June 4th at 9pm – “Magnificent Meringue”
Host Scott Conant challenges the five remaining bakers to make mini Meringue Pies for the Skills Challenge. In the Master Challenge, the bakers have to make a classical French layered meringue cake – the Marjolaine – featuring the flavor of raspberry. Guest judge and baking expert Shinmin Li joins Marcela Valladolid and Jason Smith to see which baker is eliminated from the competition.

Premiering Monday, June 11th at 9pm – “Old-School Classics”
With one last chance to make it to the finale, the four remaining bakers must make historic Mont Blanc cakes – tarts topped with a tower of chestnut paste – in the Skills Challenge. In the Master Challenge, host Scott Conant instructs the bakers to make a Charlotte Royale – a visually stunning cake also known as “brain cake” – with peanut butter as the featured flavor. Guest judge and acclaimed pastry chef Florian Bellanger, joins Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid, with one more baker’s dreams being dashed.

Premiering Monday, June 18th at 9pm – Chocolate Crescendo” – SEASON FINALE!
The pressure mounts as host Scott Conant informs the remaining bakers they will be working with the world’s most beloved ingredient – chocolate. In the Skills Challenge the bakers must create a perfect version of the glazed Austrian chocolate cake, the Sachertorte. The final Master Challenge is to create the Ultimate Chocolate Cake – an elaborately decorated cake for 100 people featuring chocolate decorations, three types of chocolate, and three flavors of chocolate bonbon, while using caramel as the required featured flavor. Guest judge and social media baking sensation Yolanda Gampp joins Marcela Valladolid and Jason Smith to determine which baker becomes earns the title of Best Baker in America, while walking away with $25,000!

Online, meet the newest batch of bakers and view highlights of their creations. Plus, get Jason Smith’s best baking tips, along with exclusive content from host Scott Conant, Marcela Valladolid and the guest judges. Follow all the baking action and tell us which treats are your favorite using the hashtag #BestBakerinAmerica.


Premiering Tuesday, June 5th at 9pm – “Million Dollar Meals”
Four competitors learn that they will be treated to high-end, top-dollar ingredients, but can they do justice to the culinary treasures they receive while handling the added pressure of cooking for judge Martha Stewart? A prized pork product and a spruced up baked good are some of the wonders that the chefs discover in the appetizer basket. In the entrée round, an extraordinary burger and a fancy adult beverage are part of the basket riddle. And an unusual chocolate treat and a special cake up the “wow” factor in the dessert round.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Chris Santos, Martha Stewart, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Tuesday, June 12th at 9pm – “Bowled Over”
The plates are packed away and the chefs set out to layer flavors in perfect, trendy bowls, under the watchful eye of the queen of precision herself, Martha Stewart! For the first basket, Martha brings a special surprise from her garden. In the entrée round, the chefs must make a nostalgic canned food balance with an Indian condiment in their bowls. And dessert bowls made from an Italian syrup and a candied treat are the final order of business for the last two remaining chefs.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Marc Murphy, Martha Stewart, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Tuesday, June 19th at 9pm – “Doughnut Dash”
From kitschy classics to artisanal designer donuts, the chefs will get a taste of it all as they celebrate delicious rings of joy in every round and feel the pressure of performing well for a very demanding donut connoisseur, judge Martha Stewart. A box of donuts and a jar of a particular condiment challenge the competitors in the appetizer round. A wild donut creation is the centerpiece of the entrée basket. Then, the two chefs lucky enough to advance to the donut dessert round must make Martha proud using her own donut dough recipe.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Santos, Martha Stewart

Premiering Tuesday, June 26th at 9pm – “Think Small”
The chefs are excited to find out that a small plates theme is in effect for their competition. The judges – including the goddess of high standards, judge Martha Stewart — are expecting modern, creative dining experiences in every round. The first basket features a surprise from one of the judge’s restaurants. The entrée basket contains a German sandwich that sounds unappealing to the uninitiated. And the dessert round basket has the final pair of chefs scrambling to make small plates with big flavor that include a sensational citrus.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Marc Murphy, Chris Santos, Martha Stewart

Online, go behind the scenes of Chopped. Discover photo and video highlights, relive top moments, and get inspired by mystery basket ingredients. Tell us what you would do with the basket ingredients using #Chopped.

Dallas Cakes

Premiering Monday, June 4th at 10:30pm – “Back 2 Dinosaurs”
One baker creates a hyper-realistic dinosaur cake straight out of the Jurassic era for a company that makes life-size dinos. Then keep traveling back in time with a DeLorean Time Machine cake with working headlights made for a fan expo. Finally, a DJ Bear Klaw cake drops a few tasty beats for a weekend music festival.

Premiering Monday, June 11th at 10:30pm – “Marching Bands and Elephants”
A university marching band recognizes a star performer with a bass drum cake he can actually wear. A growing family then celebrates a baby shower with a parade of six elephant cakes, and a group of wide-eyed kids gather for a birthday party where a giant cake is guaranteed to bring smiles.

Premiering Monday, June 18th at 10:30pm – “Fruit and Saddles”
The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame commemorates a historic location with a full-size saddle cake that looks like it’s made from hand-tooled leather. A groom’s cake represents everything near and dear to him as it includes a replica of his boat. And the Dallas Farmers Market gets a fresh take on a unique produce stand with cakes that look like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Premiering Monday, June 25th at 10:30pm – “I Do x Three”
A beautiful bride-to-be gets a surprise octagonal cake that telescopes into five tiers at the press of a button. A groom who is obsessed with the Mustang from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds requests a replica cake with working headlights, and one baker crafts a groom’s cake to look like his trusty barbecue smoker.

Online, see how these one-of-a-kind cakes come together and browse photo galleries, videos and much more. Use the hashtag #DallasCakes on social media to let us know which cake is your favorite.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Friday, June 8th at 9pm – “East Coast, West Coast”
This trip, Guy Fieri isdiving into delicious dishes on both coasts. In Palo Alto, California, there’s a funky joint putting out fresh California cooking, like spicy pork and knockout gnocchi. In Wilmington, North Carolina, there’s a bakery-restaurant making major meatloaf and frying up French toast with a fantastic twist. And in Oakland, California, Guy visits a Puerto Rican party spot mixing it up with mofongo and a fully loaded plantain..

Premiering Friday, June 29th at 9pm – “Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian”
On this trip, Guy Fieri is digging into a multicultural flavorfest. In Hawaii, he stops at a poke place knocking it out of the park with their island specialties. In San Carlos, California, Guy visits a crazy Italian spot putting tasty twists on their homemade pasta. Plus, in Miami, there’s a Latin joint serving up killer Colombian specialties.

Online, go behind-the-scenes with Guy, check out full recipes and scan the best diners, drive-ins and dives across the country. Hop along for the ride on Twitter with #DDD.

Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen

Premiering Sunday, June 3rd at 9pm – “Food Delivery, Reimagined”
The pressure is on as the Food Network Star alumni face an elimination after every challenge. First the competitors are expected to create something new using the ingredients of bizarre vintage dishes, with the least successful competitor eliminated. Then the contestants divide up into two teams as they must plan and create a menu for delivery. Each team will also shoot a one-minute video to promote their dishes, with yet another contestant sent home.

Premiering Sunday, June 10th at 8pm ET/PT – “One More Shot at Stardom” – SEASON FINALE!
The remaining five competitors battle it out for a coveted spot on the new season of Food Network Star. In the first challenge the alumni must put an international spin on classic New York deli favorites, while creating an Instagram story about their dish. One contestant is immediately eliminated, setting up a showdown with the final four. In the final challenge each competitor is given a summer theme and must livestream about their dish for eight minutes. But to make it harder, fellow contestants join each other’s streams to ask challenging questions. Co-hosts Valerie Bertinelli and Tyler Florence decide who will take their spot on the new season of Food Network Star!

Food Network Star – Premiering Sunday, June 10th at 9pm – SEASON PREMIERE!

Premiering Sunday, June 10th at 9pm – “Are You a Main Attraction?”
Ten Food Network Star hopefuls are greeted by Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay at Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay to kick off the new season, with the finalists being surprised to learn the results of Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen and who will be joining the competition. After the introductions each finalist must make a portable version of their signature dish as they go head-to-head against each other, trying to convince park guests to taste their creations. The heat is on and it’s not just the volcano, as Bobby and Giada decide who will be the first sent home.

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 9pm – “Destination Videos”
The remaining finalists enter the popular world of podcasting as they team up to create culinary podcasts about colorful snacks. Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are joined by guest judge Richard Blais to decide whose voices painted the prettiest picture. The finalists are then split up into two teams for field reports from LA’s hottest new food hall, as these destination videos are screened and critiqued by Bobby, Giada and Food Network Star alum and co-host of Southern & Hungry, Damaris Phillips, to determine which competitor is eliminated.

Premiering Sunday, June 24th at 9pm – “Summer Bite Bash”
The remaining finalists think they’re cooking solo at an exclusive private event for foodies and tastemakers. But en route to their destination, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay call to reveal a twist – they will be cooking and presenting in teams. When the finalists arrive, each team opens the trunk of their vehicle to discover their event theme, ingredients, and décor. Each team must put on an internationally inspired party and a team demo for the crowd, which includes Bobby, Giada, and guest judge Tyler Florence, with one finalist eliminated at the end of the day.

Online, find more information on the new season and meet the finalists. Don’t miss behind-the scenes content all season long, including photos and videos from each week’s challenges, plus find out more about the mentors and judges in exclusive interviews. On Twitter tell us who you think deserves to be the next star with the hashtag #FoodNetworkStar.

Exclusive web series Star Salvation returns on Sunday, July 1st and goes live just after Star’s east coast airing. Available on and hosted by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, this culinary contest gives one eliminated finalist a chance to re-enter the competition, which will be introduced on Food Network Star on Sunday, July 29th.

Guy’s Grocery Games

Premiering Wednesday, June 6th at 9pm – “Food Network Star Duos”
Three Food Network stars, Damaris Phillips, Aarti Sequeira and Justin Warner, bring their best friends from their seasons of the show to take on Guy Fieri’s games. First, the teams must create a fusion of their cooking styles featuring a special ingredient delivered by Guy. Then, the remaining teams must create a classic duo while several crucial aisles are shut down. In the end, only one shining Food Network Star team will win a shot at a shopping spree worth $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Beau MacMillan, Catherine McCord, Troy Johnson

Premiering Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm – “DDD Dads and Their Kids”
Three chef dads from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives team up with their kids to take on some of Guy Fieri’s most brain-twisting games. First, the teams have to make a big grilled feast using only ingredients that start with the letter “S.” In the second and final round, the remaining teams pick ingredients for their dream dinner one-by-one in an ingredient draft pick game. The pressure’s on, as only one father-kid team will get to shop Flavortown for up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Troy Johnson, Catherine McCord, Jet Tila

Premiering Wednesday, June 20th at 9pm – “Express Lane Extreme”
Guy Fieri puts the chefs to the test with games of extreme limitations. First, the chefs make their best chicken dish using only eight ingredients. Then, Guy asks for a regional comfort dish with a seven-ingredient limit. Finally, the chefs can only choose six ingredients to make a late-night guilty pleasure worthy of shopping Flavortown for up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Richard Blais, Crista Luedtke, Jonathan Waxman

Premiering Wednesday, June 27th at 9pm – “GGG’s Salute to Summer”
To celebrate America and the people who have served it, Guy Fieri invites four chef veterans from different branches of the military to compete in two summer-themed games. And for the first time ever, it’s all done in front of a live audience made entirely of veterans. First, the chefs have to make a summer seafood feast using what they can fit into a shockingly small mini-cooler. Then, the chef-vets will have to elevate a summer classic dish as decided by a game of Corn Hole. Only one chef will be crowned winner of GGG’s salute to summer and earn a $20,000 payday.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Troy Johnson, Damaris Phillips, Justin Warner

Online, learn more about your favorite judges, see photo highlights and test your knowledge of Flavortown Market. Tell us which games are your favorite using #GroceryGames.

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, June 3rd at 10pm – “Zakarian vs. Taymor”
Coastal Californian Chef Ari Taymor rides a wave of success into Kitchen Stadium and immediately gets to the root of the matter against Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Judges Leslie Bargar Suter and Dr. Woo will determine the winner.

Premiering Sunday, June 10th at 10pm – “Forgione vs. Dang”
Vietnamese Chef Thai Dang fishes for a win from the Chairman during his battle against Iron Chef Marc Forgione. Judges Jonathan Waxman and Tanya Holland will determine a winner.

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 10pm – “Guarnaschelli vs. Williams”
Boston Chef Douglass Williams makes the most of a little vegetable in a battle against Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Ming-Na Wen and John T. Edge will determine which chef triumphs.

Premiering Sunday, June 24th at 10pm – “Izard vs. Battes”
Chef Erik Battes — a fruit of Iron Chef Morimoto’s culinary tree — applies modern takes to an ancient ingredient in a battle against Iron Chef Stephanie Izard. Michael Voltaggio and Ching-He Huang will determine the winner of this fierce competition.

Online, head to Kitchen Stadium with Alton Brown and Jet Tila. Jet demonstrates the essential skills every competitor should know before battle, while Alton puts your knowledge of Secret Ingredients to the test in a new quiz. Tell us about your favorite Iron Chefs and battles using #IronChefAmerica.

Vegas Cakes

Premiering Monday, June 4th at 11pm – “Movie Camera, Life-Size Slot Machine and Pink Glitter Skull Cake”
It’s lights, camera and edible action at Freed’s Bakery when their incredible movie camera cake takes center stage at a film buff’s surprise birthday party. Brittnee Klinger’s dream comes true when she gets to make a giant, glittering, pink skull cake. Then, the bakery team gambles big on a life-size working slot machine cake that spills chocolate coins when you hit the jackpot!

Premiering Monday, June 11th at 11pm – “Speakeasy, Hatchimals and Bowling Cakes”
Brittnee Klinger and Kristen LoVullo make a gorgeous blue and silver, seven-tier cake with an edible tiara in honor of Miss Nevada USA and Miss Nevada Teen USA. Sonny Robinson and Aubrie Virgin team up to make a Mayan pyramid with edible “artifacts” buried inside for the archaeology department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Then, the Freed’s Bakery team turns a brainstorm into a huge brain-themed cake with blinking neurons for the Keep Memory Alive charity.

Premiering Monday, June 18th at 11pm – “Giant Brain, Mayan Pyramid and Beauty Queen Cakes”
Brittnee Klinger and Kristen LoVullo make a gorgeous blue and silver, seven-tier cake with an edible tiara in honor of Miss Nevada USA and Miss Nevada Teen USA. Sonny Robinson and Aubrie Virgin team up to make a Mayan pyramid with edible “artifacts” buried inside for the archaeology department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Then, the Freed’s Bakery team turns a brainstorm into a huge brain-themed cake with blinking neurons for the Keep Memory Alive charity.

Premiering Monday, June 25th at 11pm – “Big Red Corvette, Neon Jungle and Giant Enchanted Castle Wedding Cake”
Sonny Robinson carves a showstopping 4-foot-long red corvette cake, and Freed’s Bakery positively glows when they make an incredibly colorful three-monkey cake for Hyde Nightclub’s neon jungle party. Then, the team constructs their most ambitious wedding cake — an elaborate 8-foot tall floating enchanted castle!

Online, and on Food Network’s social channels, watch videos of the cakes coming to life. Share which cake you think is the most outrageous using #VegasCakes.


Baked in Vermont

Premiering Saturday, June 2nd at 10:30am – “Italy Revisited”
It’s been many years since Gesine Prado and friends went on a senior class trip to Italy, but their memories are still fresh and treasured. Gesine has invited her friends over for a trip down memory lane and a big Italian dinner of Bolognese Lasagne and Caprese Salad. For la dolce vita, Gesine makes a Zabaglione and Berry Trifle and bakes special Chocolate Chip Cookies as a treat for her friends during their stay.

Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 10:30am – “Grill, Baby, Grill”
Gesine Prado creates some clever ways to bring baking to the grill while hosting an outdoor party to celebrate warm weather and good friends. She’s grilling Pizza Two Ways with homemade pizza dough along with a zesty Italian-style Green Bean and Potato Salad. For dessert, she’s making homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches and a Grilled Creamsicle Cake baked right over the coals.

Premiering Saturday, June 23rd at 10:30am – “Garden Graduation Party”
Gesine Prado is honored to host a high school graduation party for her dear friend’s daughter. It’s a special day and they’re celebrating the big event with a garden party filled with sweet treats. Petit Fours and Chocolate Ganache Drops surround the centerpiece of the dessert table — an elegant and beautiful Tiered Macaron Cake filled with sweet buttercream.

Premiering Saturday, June 30th at 10:30am – “Vermont Country Boil”
Gesine Prado’s friends from down south are coming up to visit their kids attending university nearby so she’s throwing a Vermont-style Low Country boil for them. They’ll feel right at home with Gesine’s Low Country Boil Pie with a side of Homemade Cole Slaw and Baked Fried Green Tomatoes on the side. The meal is rounded off with a decadent Triple Chocolate Pie for dessert.

Online, learn how to bake everyday savory and sweet dishes using Gesine’s easy-to-follow recipes. Watch video extras and discuss your favorite baking traditions on our social channels using #BakedinVermont.

Giada on the Beach

Premiering Sunday, June 3rd at 11:30am – “Clam Bake”
Giada De Laurentiis puts a West Coast spin on an East Coast tradition with an ultimate Italian clam bake dinner on the beach for her family. In addition to a California Clam Bake, her menu includes Summer Succotash, Grilled Seafood Salad with Mustard Butter and, for dessert, Frozen S’mores.

Premiering Sunday, June 10th at 11:30am – “Farmers Market Lunch”
Giada De Laurentiis heads to the local farmers market near her vacation beach house to pick up some fresh ingredients for an alfresco lunch with friends. Her light and colorful menu includes Grilled Kale Salad with Roasted Sungolds, a Peach, Corn and Burrata Bruschetta, Cherry Balsamic Chicken and Strawberry Cake.

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 11:30am – “Summer Sunday Supper”
Giada De Laurentiis is hosting a big family Sunday supper at her California beach house. It’s all hands on deck in the kitchen and at the pizza oven as she and her family make a festive Italian-style feast to share as the sun melts into the Pacific. The menu includes an array of family-style dishes like Peel and Eat Pepper Shrimp, Grilled Melon and Prosciutto Pasta Salad, Brick Oven Chicken and BLAT Pizzas.

Premiering Sunday, June 24th at 11:30am – “Sunset Aperitivo”
After a fun day on the beach, nothing hits the spot quite like a cool, breezy cocktail and lots of delicious bites. Giada De Laurentiis does summer sunset right with an Italian happy hour and appetizer spread. Her menu includes Spicy Sausage and Broccoli Panini, a Crab and Potato Frittata, Grape and Red Onion Mostarda and a Rose Spritz.

Online, get all of Giada’s warm-weather recipes and share your favorite beach eats using #GiadaontheBeach.

Girl Meets Farm – Premiering Sunday, June 24th at 11am – SERIES PREMIERE!

Cookbook author, food blogger and Midwest transplant Molly Yeh is embracing her country life on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota. In her cozy farmhouse kitchen, Molly makes dishes inspired by her Jewish and Chinese heritage that are not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. With her fresh and tasty ideas, Molly brings multicultural Midwestern inspiration and fun to kitchens across America.

Online, watch video exclusives with Molly Yeh and get how-to’s on cake decorating and making your favorite childhood snacks. Join the conversation using #GirlMeetsFarm

Guy’s Ranch Feast – Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 12pm & 12:30pm – SPECIAL PREMIERE!

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 12pm – Guy’s Ranch Feast – “Italian Feast”
Guy Fieri brings some of his most talented paisans to the ranch to fix an Italian feast. Rocco DiSpirito prepares a Frito Misto di Mare with Saffron Aioli bursting with flavors from the Mediterranean. Alex Guarnaschelli makes Charred Peppers with Balsamic and Garlic Bread as well as the ooey-gooey crowd pleaser Baked Herb Ziti, while Marc Murphy prepares a light-and-bright Tomato Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette, Braised Artichoke with Radicchio and a Negroni cocktail. Culinary Godfather Jonathan Waxman makes Wood-Roasted Guinea Fowl with Tomato Salsa before whipping up a sweet Crostada with Pear, Marzipan and Whipped Cream. Not to be outdone, Scott Conant brings a taste of Tuscany to the ranch by making Roasted Potatoes with Herbs and Garlic, and his Fig Cake with Sweet Ricotta makes this a meal no one can refuse.

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 12:30pm – Guy’s Ranch Feast – “Elegant Entertaining”
Guy Fieri gets fancy for the fun of it with an evening of elegant entertaining at the ranch. Scott Conant makes a Roast Fish Gazzetto with Tomatoes and Potatoes, followed by Zeppoli with Gianduia and Hazelnuts. Rocco DiSpirito makes succulent Lamb Chops Scottaditto with Spaghetti and Mushrooms, and a French Kiss Cocktail. Jonathan Waxman’s Crispy Monterey Squid with Baby Gem and Saffron Aioli is guaranteed to please. Marc Murphy then brings the rustic charm of Spain with his Shrimp and Chicken Paella. Alex Guarnaschelli adds her Endive, Apple and Candied Walnut Salad before serving the meal’s final touch with her decadent Chocolate Pudding Layer Cake.

The Kitchen

Premiering Saturday, June 2nd at 11am – “Stove-Free Summer Nights”
The Kitchen is beating the summer heat with dishes that don’t require the stove. Geoffrey Zakarian thrills at the grill while making his Whole Chicken with Red Bliss Potatoes, Summer Squash and Chili Garlic Butter. Former White House Chef Sam Kass serves up a quick and easy Canned Salad, and Katie Lee throws everything in the bag to make her Bloody Mary Shrimp Ceviche Rice Bowl. Jeff Mauro pulls together Slow Cooker Crispy Carnitas, and then Geoffrey uses the leftovers for a simple Cubano Sandwich. For dessert, Sunny Anderson gathers store-bought treats to make a decadent Nunya’ Business Chocolate, Cherry and Whip Trifle.

Premiering Saturday, June 9th at 11am – “Pour on Some Summer”
Summer sauces are the star of the menu, starting with Katie Lee’s Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken and Cucumber Salad and Geoffrey Zakarian’s Seared Scallops with a Caper Honey Sauce. Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro share two new sauces for jazzing up grilled chicken: Lemon Pepper Sauce and Cherry Pepper Honey Mustard. Sunny also makes a T-Bone Steak with an “Any Herb” sauce, and Kansas City pitmasters Jason and Megan Day drop by to make a BBQ-inspired Potato Salad. For dessert, it’s a head-to-head Sundae Sauce-off with Katie’s Roasted Peach Sauce and Geoffrey’s Boozy Chocolate Sauce.

Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 11am – “Man’s Best Food”
The Kitchen is celebrating Dad with a menu full of Father’s Day favorites, starting with Sunny Anderson’s Grilled Brewed Awakening Rib Roast with 1-2-3 Horseradish Sauce and Jeff Mauro’s Roasted Mexican Street Corn Salad. Chef Matt Abdoo stops by to make his Grilled BBQ Buffalo Wings, and Katie Lee cooks up a classic with a twist with her Sausage and Peppers Burger. Geoffrey Zakarian sweetens things up with a Boozy Bourbon Mississippi Mud Pie, and then the hosts share some fun and pun-filled packaging ideas for the gifts Dad really wants.

Online, access all the co-hosts’ cooking short-cuts, recipes and tips. Whether you need menu inspiration for an upcoming party or want to remake the ingredients already stowed in your pantry, has you covered. Also, bookmark new recipes and advice, browse behind-the-scenes photos, take audience polls and much more. Join the conversation in #TheKitchen.

The Pioneer Woman

Premiering Saturday, June 2nd at 10am – “Chicken Four Ways”
Ree Drummond is sharing four recipes for chicken that are ranch favorites. First, the versatile protein is roasted in White Chicken Enchiladas, a Tex-Mex classic perfect for stocking up the freezer. Second, her Crispy Chicken Florentine Melt is a pure treasure from a fridge raid. Third, Ree puts chicken thighs in the spotlight in her all-in-one Italian Chicken Sheet Pan Supper, and finally, she makes a meal kit with marinated chicken and noodles transformed in minutes for her Teriyaki Chicken with Sesame Noodles.

Premiering Saturday, June 9th at 10am – “Best of 16 Minute: Spicy”
Ree Drummond picks her favorite four spicy and snappy 16-minute meals from over the years. For the cowboys, there’s Tex Mex Fried Rice that’s ready in no time at all, then a creamy curry Indian-inspired Mulligatawny Soup, followed by Pawhuska Cheesesteaks with a cayenne zip and finally a Spicy Cauliflower Stir-Fry that’s stove top to plate in moments.

Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 10am – “Feeding Now, Feeding Later”
While Ladd’s feeding cattle and wild horses, Ree Drummond is getting a jump on the day by making Spicy Stewed Beef, Pimento Cheese and Bacon Grits and a hearty side of Roasted Broccoli Salad with Sour Cream and Parsley Dressing. With dinner in the fridge, she’s preparing for a future breakfast with a Mason Jar Pancake Mix perfect for knocking out a great meal any time or if a passing rancher drops by.

Premiering Saturday, June 23rd at 10am – “Four in Hand”
Ree Drummond has portable food in hand with four fantastic on-the-go ideas. There’s Breakfast Bagel Burgers that are the perfect start to the day for a teenage cowboy. Taco Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps are a great on-the-go meal and her colleagues will love her Spinach Phyllo Hand Pies. Finally, her Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches are unbeatable handheld treats to have on standby in the freezer.

Premiering Sunday, June 24th at 10:30am – “Perfect Pasta”
Ree Drummond serves up four of her favorite pasta dishes from over the years. She makes Skillet Chicken Lasagna, a great family-friendly twist on a classic, and a meal kit for Spinach Alfredo Pasta Bake with all the elements packed and portioned for a time-saving dinner. Plus she’s turning back the clock with the Pasta Ai Quattro Formaggi she first tried as a student and getting ahead with Cheesy Sausage Rigatoni, a make-ahead casserole marvel.

Premiering Saturday, June 30th at 10am – “16 Minute Summertime”
It’s 16-minute summertime and Ree Drummond’s making Big Bad Beef Skewers with Greens and Blue Cheese Mayo for a quick dinner kit. Kickin’ Shrimp and Pineapple Flatbreads with Avocado Cream are being served for lunch. Finally, Ree turns to entertaining by whipping up an all-in-one Pesto Chicken Skillet Supper for her sister-in-law before making Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Bruschetta, the perfect finger food to take to a potluck summer party.

Online, find all Ree’s recipes, watch exclusive video tours of the Drummond ranch and town, peek inside her kitchen and watch full episodes. Join the conversation with #PioneerWoman.

Valerie’s Home Cooking

Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 11am – “All-American Boy” – SEASON FINALE!
Valerie Bertinelli’s close friend and fellow chef, Stuart O’Keeffe, recently became a US citizen, so she’s treating him to her favorite all-American dishes. The patriotic menu includes Red Wine and Herb-Marinated Tri-Tip, Twice-Baked Potatoes, a California Cobb Salad, Tom’s Mom’s Apple Pie and a Honey Bourbon Cider Cocktail.

Online, follow the newest season. Plus, get the recipes and watch video highlights. Share your favorite dishes using #HomeCooking.


Father’s Day/Family Weekend – Saturday, June 16th 7am-1pm & Sunday, June 17th 7am-2pm

It’s a family affair on Food Network when the chefs serve up some Dad food favorites. New episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 10am – The Pioneer Woman – “Feeding Now, Feeding Later”
Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 10:30am – Baked in Vermont – “Grill, Baby, Grill”
Premiering Saturday, June 16th at 11am – The Kitchen – “Man’s Best Food”
Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 11am – Valerie’s Home Cooking – “All-American Boy”
Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 11:30am – Giada on the Beach – “Summer Sunday Supper”
Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 12pm – Guy’s Ranch Feast – “Italian Feast”
Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 12:30pm – Guy’s Ranch Feast – “Elegant Entertaining”

Grilling Central is your ultimate summer destination. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor barbecue or a casual weeknight meal, has got recipes and tips to make this your best summer yet.


Summer Entertaining: Find all the seasonal recipes you’ll need for casual get-togethers, last-minute fetes, potlucks, barbecues and picnics.
Summer Produce Guide: Cook with the freshest summer produce, like zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon and peaches with in-season recipes and tips from Food Network chefs.
Weeknight Dinners: Summer: Get weekday dinners on the table, fast, with easy recipes for chicken, pasta, fish, tacos and salads, plus simple summer sides and desserts.
Father’s Day

Make Dad’s day special with a homemade brunch, breakfast or dinner featuring favorite recipes like grilled steak, wings, pork chops, chicken and waffles and bacon cookies.


Food blogger and Son of a Southern Chef Lazarus Lynch travels the south uncovering the region’s treasured food traditions by meeting the people who keep them alive. In each episode, he hears stories and learns recipes and techniques from pit masters, oyster farmers and assorted natives, before sitting down with them at their tables to enjoy their favorite comfort food traditions.


You’ve seen Dan take over Facebook with his over-the-top of cakes, but that’s just the beginning of his talent. He is a pastry expert and there’s no baking feat he can’t overcome. Each week, will deliver him a new challenge, whether it’s making an over-the-top wedding cake under $100, or using durian (the world’s “smelliest fruit”) to create a dessert that will actually be delicious.


FOOD NETWORK ( is a unique lifestyle network, website and magazine that connects viewers to the power and joy of food. The network strives to be viewers’ best friend in food and is committed to leading by teaching, inspiring, empowering and entertaining through its talent and expertise. Food Network is distributed to nearly 100 million U.S. households and draws over 46 million unique web users monthly. Since launching in 2009, Food Network Magazine’s rate base has grown 13 times and is the No. 2 best-selling monthly magazine on the newsstand, with 13.5 million readers. Food Network is owned by Discovery, Inc., a global leader in real life entertainment whose portfolio also includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.


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