Sunday, June 17, 2018

Food Network Star Episode 2 Elimination

Tonight on Food Network Star the remaining contestants first had to create a food podcast about colorful snacks. Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis were joined by guest judge Richard Blais to listen to the podcasts and judge.  They decided that Adam Gertler and Jess Tom were the winners of the challenge.

Adam and Jess gained an advantage in the second challenge by being able to pick their other three teammates.  After splitting into two teams, the contestants had to do field reports from a food hall in Los Angeles called The Proud Bird.  The teams were Samone, Amy, Rebekah, Harrison and Manny vs. Adam, Jess, Katie, Palak, and Christian.  Previous Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips was on hand to help Bobby and Giada judge this challenge and to decide which contestant to eliminate.

The advantage Adam and Jess gained worked out as they were decided as the winning team and safe from elimination.  Bobby and Giada decided that Harrison and Rebekah were also safe and Amy, Samone, and Manny were the bottom three. They decided to eliminate Samone.

Samone Lett will go on to compete in Star Salvation with hopes of rejoining the competition.

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