Sunday, December 10, 2017

Guy's Big Project Winner Crowned Tonight

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Tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the season finale Guy's Big Project where the winner will win their own Food Network food road show.  The final two contestants on the show are Zane Caplansky and Rashad Jones. On tonight's show, Zane and Rashad will make their pilots with Guy Fieri who then sends them to Food Network to decide who will get their own show.

Airing right after the finale is an hour special of Guy's Big Project that has the description of "After an unexpected outcome, Guy Fieri reveals what comes next."  Also a more detailed description of the episode says, "In this one hour special, see the pilot from the winner of Guy's Big Project, which demonstrates their particular passions and the skills that they learned over the course of the show from host and mentor Guy Fieri."

I will update this post with the winner with the winner after the episode airs.  We will have to see if the winner actually gets a show or just the pilot that airs after the finale.  The ratings for Guy's Big Project were pretty low for a Sunday night show on Food Network, so that could play into the decision making.

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The Grill Dads Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey were also brought back to do a pilot.  Guy Fieri first informed Zane that his pilot was not chosen, but that he would like to have him as a judge on Guy's Grocery Games.  Guy then called the Grill Dads and informed them that Food Network decided to give them a series.  They could have given then just a pilot, but they decided to go with a series about interesting food in interesting places.  Finally Guy called Rashad Jones to inform him that he also got a full series from Food Network.

So Food Network ended up giving out two new series for Guy's Big Project.  Kind of shocking, especially with the ratings, but they obviously didn't know about the ratings when they awarded the series.

UPDATE - It looks like Grill Dads will air on Food Network at 9:30pm ET/PT on Friday nights starting on December 15th.  Eat, Sleep, BBQ will air on Food Network at 9pm ET/PT on Saturday nights starting on December 16th.

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