Sunday, August 13, 2017

Food Network Star Winner Crowned Tonight

Photo - Food Network
Tonight at 9pm ET on Food Network is the season 13 finale of Food Network Star where the winner will be announced. The final three contestants are Cory Bahr, Rusty Hamlin, and Jason Smith. On the episode tonight, we will get to see each of their full pilots as well as the top moments of the season. A poll on this website reveals that people are overwhelmingly rooting for Jason to win with approximately 80% of the vote, followed by Cory at 17%, and Rusty at only 3%. Judging by the comments on that post, it seems that while people are rooting for Jason, people either love him or hate him.  Also, remember the winner is no longer determined by viewer voting, so it could be anybody that wins.

There is no guarantee that the season 13 winner of Food Network Star will get a show, so we will have to see if anything is announced for the winner on tonight's episode.

I will update this post once the winner is announced and will also update the post with any information about the winner's show (if there is one).

Continue reading to know the winner (Spoiler):
Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis eliminated one of the three finalists before announcing the winner and Cory Bahr was the finalist eliminated.

Photo - Food Network
This left Rusty Hamlin and Jason Smith as the two remaining finalists.  In the end it was determined that Jason Smith would be the season 13 winner of Food Network Star.  He got a pretty favorable edit all season long and he was the finalist fans were rooting for, so this wasn't much of a surprise.

They didn't announce any plans for Jason as far as shows, but I will keep you updated if anything is announced.

UPDATE - It looks like Jason Smith will be a judge on an upcoming baking competition (Link).

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