Sunday, June 25, 2017

Food Network Star Episode 4 Elimination - Plus Star Salvation

Photo - Food Network
On tonight's Food Network Star, the remaining contestants were divided into teams and competed in a "glamping" related challenge.  Each team had to use whatever camping food was in the back of their car to create a "glamping" meal.  The teams were pre-determined and were: Team 1 - Cory, Matthew, and Amy; Team 2 - Jason, Cao, and David; Team 3 - Rusty, Trace, and Addie.  Everybody also had to do a presentation in front of the judges that gave a useful tip.  Melissa D'Arabian and Andrew Zimmern were guest judges and helped Giada De Laurentiis decide the winners and losers of the challenge.  Bobby Flay was absent from this episode for some reason.

The judges decided that Jason, David and Cao were the winning team and were all safe.  Matthew, Cory and Amy were also all considered safe.  The judges decided that Trace Barnett did the worst in this challenge and he would be sent to compete on Star Salvation.

Star Salvation returned this week with Suzanne Lossia, Toya Boudy, Nancy Manlove, Blake Baldwin and Trace Barnett competing for a chance to rejoin the competition. This episode of Star Salvation can be watched here, and the judges eliminated two contestants from Star Salvation - Nancy and Suzanne.  Nancy and Suzanne will not be rejoining the competition and will not be the next Food Network Star.

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