Sunday, July 24, 2016

Food Network Star Season 12 Winner - Poll

Photo - Food Network 
Season 12 of Food Network Star is down to the final three contestants and each of them have produced their pilot.  The final three contestants all produced traveling show pilots and it wasn't clear if they chose their themes, but their themes were:

  • Damiano Carrara - Visiting Bakeries
  • Tregaye Fraser - Visited a cafeteria with a zoo and food. 
  • Jernard Wells - Authentric Creole food all over the United States.

The full pilots will not be shown until next week's episode, so it is hard to even determine who did the best or what their pilot is even about.

There is always a poll on this site to determine who people are rooting for to win.  So vote below to let everyone know who you want to win and feel free to discuss in the comments.

UPDATE - The winner was crowned and it was Tregaye Fraser.

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