Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Restaurant Impossible Season Begins October 22nd With Ambush Theme

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There have been a lot of people wondering when/if Restaurant Impossible would be coming back for another season, so I figured I would do a post with an update.   Part of the reason there were a lot of people asking was because Food Network hasn't been playing any Restaurant Impossible reruns.  The new season will begin on October 22nd at 9pm, and the season will have an ambush theme, where they supposedly makeover unsuspecting restaurants.  Note that this is a Thursday night vs. the usual Wednesday night that Restaurant Impossible usually airs.  I think this season will be six episodes vs. the usual 13-episode season, but I will try to confirm that.

It should be interesting to see how they play off the ambush on the show, but you would think to begin filming, people would have had to sign waivers.  As always, be sure to visit this site for updates on each of the restaurants appearing on Restaurant Impossible.

Coinciding with the Restaurant Impossible return is Chopped:Impossible, which will air at 8pm right before Restaurant Impossible.  Twelve returning Chopped champions return and Robert Irvine is a judge for the first three episodes.  The three winners then compete in the finale, with someone winning $15,000.  After the winner is determined, they get to go up against Robert Irvine in a wild-card round where they can win an additional $25,000.

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