Sunday, August 9, 2015

Food Network Star Winner Poll

For the past three years there has been a poll on this site to determine who people wanted to win that season of Food Network Star.  Each season, the winner was predicted correctly through the polls (Justin Warner, Damaris Phillips, and Lenny Mcnab won the polls and the competition).  This season is a little bit different as there is not a vote to determine the winner of the show and Food Network will instead pick the winner.  The poll to see who people want to win this season is below, but this year it doesn't matter what the people think.

The finalists this year are Eddie Jackson, Jay Ducote, and Dom Tesoriero.  In their pilots, Jay's show concept was to travel around and try the country's best fried food.  Eddie's show concept was to travel around finding southern BBQ in areas you wouldn't expect, and Dom's pilot was going to family owned places and trying Italian food.

Answer the poll question below with who you want to win season 11 of Food Network Star:

Update- FYI - Jay posted links to this poll on his social media, so the results are a bit skewed. Thanks for the traffic Jay, but the poll isn't too accurate now. For what it's worth, Dom had a slight edge over Jay before this, but it was very close.

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