Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Alton Brown Giving Up Alcohol For A Year

Photo - Facebook
Last week on social media, Alton Brown revealed that he is giving up alcohol for a year.  This was kind of surprising to many as people know he has a love for bourbon.  Alton posted the following picture and message:
"Having decided to take a year-long break from alcohol, I've adopted a new go-to beverage: sparkling water and aromatic bitters. Yes, most bitters contain around 30% alcohol but we're talking 8-10 drops here so I think I'm good."

Many people were curious and asking Alton why he was giving up alcohol, and he responded with:
"Since so many of you are asking ... I turned 53 yesterday and decided to give myself an alcohol free year. Not because I have a problem, but for various reasons. The last few years saw a sharp rise in my ethanol intake. On top of that, I've put on weight. So..."

Hopefully there isn't more to this and it wasn't a factor in his recent divorce.  The weight gain can probably also be attributed to his recent live show tour where he ate a lot of good food.  Hopefully this works out for Alton and good luck to him reaching his goal.

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