Sunday, August 9, 2015

Food Network Star Episode 10 Elimination & Star Salvation Winner

Photo - Food Network
Tonight on Food Network Star, the winner of Star Salvation was revealed and rejoined the competition.  As many suspected, Dom Tesoriero was the contestant that won Star Salvation and now has a chance to become the next Food Network Star.  This is the second year in a row that and Italian chef was eliminated from the competition due to bad camera skills and magically learned them during Star Salvation.

During this episode the remaining contestants had to create their best dish and were allowed to use any of the eliminated contestants as their sous chef.  They each got one take to present the dish on camera, and Bobby, Giada, Bob, and Susie picked the three contestants who would produce pilots that would be directed by Rachael Ray.

The judges decided that Jay Ducote, Dom Tesoriero, and Eddie Jackson would be the finalists to make pilots.  This meant that Arnold Myint was eliminated and will not be the next Food Network Star.

Jay's show concept was to travel around and try the country's best fried food.  Eddie's show concept was to travel around finding southern BBQ in areas you wouldn't expect.  Dom's pilot was going to family owned places and trying Italian food.  So, all three pilots were traveling shows, and Jay and Eddie kind of brought in new concepts.

I will have a poll up shortly on who people want to win between the three finalists.  As no one gets to vote this year, it will not help us determine who is in the lead for voting, but it will still be interesting to see who people want to win.

Update - The poll is now live.

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