Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zoog's Caveman Cookin' From Restaurant Impossible To Close

Zoog's Caveman Cookin' in Port Hadlock, Washington, which was featured on the latest season of Restaurant Impossible (season 10), will close on 3/25/2015.  The restaurant posted the following message on their Facebook page:

"Our hearts are very heavy to have to report such a sad outcome after all we have fought for but it looks like we may be losing our LEASE Wednesday March 25th which will mean the doors of ZOOGS will be closed for good.
We are working hard to save what has become a regular spot a CHEERS to so many people but loans take time and time is not on our side right now.
We were not going to post anything about losing our lease but want to give everyone the opportunity to get our SMOKED BBQ for the last time. If we are closing down, let's make this last week a week to remember and go out with a bang!! You never know, we've been saved before maybe we can pull something out of our hats?!
Everyones support over the years has been so overwhelming and we appreciate it so much!!
Till we meet again...CHEERS!
💕Zoog Family💕"

The restaurant also responded to comments of that message and it appears they are $16,000 behind, and they would like to reopen in a few months.  They also said they plan to continue catering.

Assuming they do close on March 25th, their closing will be just a month and half after their episode of Restaurant Impossible aired of the Food Network.  I will mark this restaurant as 'Closed' on the Restaurant Impossible Update page when it closes on the 25th.

UPDATE - Zoog's did close on the 25th as he couldn't come up with the money for the lease to continue.  The property was listed for sale by the landlord for $495,000 (Link).


  1. Have to feel for him, especially after him having the heart attack. Then again, this wasn't too surprising of a closing.

    The last season already have 2 closed stores...sad.

  2. I do feel sorry for Zoog himself with all he's going through, but with this place, I have to keep going back to how horribly filthy and dumpy it was before R:I got there. I wouldn't visit simply because more often than not, people fall back into their old ways and I wouldn't want food from a questionable kitchen. (I also question the health inspection standards in that town...)

    P.S. Random question: which restaurant was it where at the reveal, the ingrate asked Tom if she had her restaurant back now?

  3. I guess a lesson is make sure your lease is set for a couple years before you renovate...

  4. I hope Zoog and his family recover from all of the recent events and come back stronger for it. I feel sympathetic towards the situation, but hopefully lessons were learned as well.

  5. His lease was set. He just didn't pay it for 8 monyhs.