Friday, March 20, 2015

More Details On The Cristie Schoen Codd Murder Case

The Buncombe County Sheriff's office just held a press conference to reveal more details about the Cristie Schoen Codd murder in Leicester, NC.  Cristie, who was a contestant on season 8 of Food Network Star, was murdered along with her husband and unborn child on March 12, 2015.  Their neighbor Robert Jason Owens was arrested and charged with the murders.  Robert was also a suspect in a murder in the year 2000 that turned into a cold case.  Here are some more unknown details about the case that were revealed at the 2pm press conference:

  • Late Sunday/Early Monday, a call was made about a suspicious person getting rid of items in a dumpster.  Those items belonged to Cristie Schoen Codd and Joseph Codd, and Robert Jason Owens was found in the area and was questioned and arrested.
  • The police then conducted a search warrant at Robert Jason Owens house, and were able to find traces of human remains.  The remains were in a wood stove at the residence.
  • During interviews, Robert Jason Owens admitted to taking the bodies and destroying them. No word if he admitted to the murders.
  • They interviewed Robert's wife, and she said that Robert said that he killed Joseph "JT" Codd and struck him with a vehicle.
  • The police didn't want to reveal any details that would impact their case, so could not answer all of the questions asked.
  • There was a fire at the suspects house on Friday, March 13th, but the police wouldn't confirm any details about that fire or how it related to the case.


  1. This story just gets worse. My condolences to the families and friends.

  2. So tragic. May they rest in peace.

  3. Almost more than I can bear to read. What a beautiful couple they senseless. Extending condolences to the families of both.