Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Food Network Chefs Opening Restaurants In Newark Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey will be upgrading their United Airlines Terminal C in which 28 new restaurants by high profile chefs are planned.  The restaurants will start opening next summer, and the project is scheduled to be complete in 2016.

Among the 28 restaurants planned, some are from Food Network chefs, including:
  • Alex Guarnaschelli with a French restaurant
  • Elizabeth Falkner with a meatball themed restaurant called Nonna's Meatball Kitchen
  • Marc Forgione will be in charge of "Classified" in United's Elite Membership Club
  • Amanda Freitag with a salumeria
  • Jose Garces with a Latin-themed small plate restaurant

Other chefs who will open restaurants include: Alex Stupak, Einat Admony, Dan Kluger, Paul Liebrandt, Jacques Torres, , Elizabeth Karmel, Ratha Chaupoly, John DeLucie, Amanda Cohen, Wilson Tang, Ben Daitz, Roberto Caporuscio, Josh Capon, and Shoushin Yanaura.

Read more about the project on Eater or NY Times, and images of a recent preview event can be found here.


  1. What the heck's a "salumeria"?

  2. Salumi is Italian for cured meats, and a salumeria can be defined as a cured meat shop. Sometimes, the term is more loosely defined as an Italian delicatessen or deli. Most shops feature plenty of classic cured meats and sausages like salami, prosciutto, various types of bologna, and plenty of other cold cuts.

  3. Wow! Newark is really lucky!

  4. Lenny could open one too!

  5. Call it..Lenny's Back Door.

  6. Newark airport is among the worst in the US. It's a dump and you can forget ever arriving on time for an afternoon flight. Any upgrades to that pit would be welcome.

  7. Rump roast on the menu??