Friday, October 24, 2014

Food Network Related News and Links

Here is some more recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network.  Topics include: The Kitchen, NYCWFF, Paula Deen, Lenny Mcnab, Food Network Star, and Scott Conant.

Photo - Instagram
  • On The Kitchen this weekend, there is a Halloween theme and the hosts are dressed up (pictured).  Katie Lee is dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, Sunny Anderson - Diana Ross, Jeff Mauro - Mike Ditka, Geoffrey Zakarian - Guy Fieri, and Marcela Valladolid - Calavera Catrina.
  • The New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) was this past weekend.  At the marquee event, The Burger Bash, Chopped judge Marc Murphy was chosen the winner by the judges, and Josh Capon was the people's champion.  Here are thousands of pictures from the many events of the weekend.
  • Chopped judge Scott Conant will be opening a new restaurant in New York City in 2015 called Conant.  He did a pop up version of his restaurant this past weekend at the NYCWFF.
  • Food Network Star winner Lenny Mcnab will be making a public appearance at the Savannah Food & Wine Festival at multiple events.  There hasn't been much heard from him after winning Food Network Star (we know why), but this festival has no connection with the Food Network.
  • The media is after Paula Deen again after they think an image on her restaurant website should be considered racist (Link).  The photo has supposedly been on her restaurant website for five years.
  • Food Network Star season 11 is casting and there are some upcoming open casting calls in Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, and New York.  Casting for season 4 of Beat Bobby Flay is also happening now.
  • Saturday at 9pm on the Food Network is a special called Candy Craze where Jeff Mauro takes a candy-centric road trip.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up about Candy Craze! I just set my DVR to record it.

    GZ's Guy Fieri costume is the best!!

  2. I thought the same about the Fieri costume! *laughed like crazy*

  3. Chopped judge Scott Conant will be opening a new restaurant in New York City in 2015 called Conant.

    Of course he did, this guy really enjoys himself.

  4. The sad part is Guy has way more Dbag equipment than Geoffrey is waering. Guy has earring, big old jersey shore nugget jewelery and gold chains. He even wears thumb rings, who buys a thumb ring and tthinks it looks good?

  5. Nice article about Lenny, completely avoids the pervage issue

  6. Go Lenny!!!!! There are other venues besides Food Network.

  7. Affiliation with the FN is not a requirement for success. Imagine if Anthony Bourdain had stayed with the FN. Bourdain and Lenny do not fit into the mold ....yet they have much to offer . Sandra Lee (ugh!) does fit into the FN stable.

  8. Please don't link someone of the caliber of Anthony Bourdain to the sewer level mentality of Lenny. Lenny does not belong on ANY network.

  9. I checked out the article about Lenny the Loser, at the Savannah Wine & Food fest last Fall...once again, he LIED about his cooking -- in this instance, it was 'in 1986 for President George H.W. Bush' while he was attending a parade, in Lenny's New Hampshire town, and at the restaurant he worked at...First of all, Mr. Bush was NOT the President at the time (Ronald Reagan WAS!) and Bush was not elected until Nov. 1988. Also, I highly doubt that the 15-year-old Lenny (a.k.a. the restaurant's resident DISHWASHER) would have been "allowed" to prepare a meal for Mr. Bush, who was then THE VICE-PRESIDENT of the U.S. (by the Secret Service) !!!! Ohhhh, how Lenny lies so easily (and piles it on...) to magnify his 'self-importance'. He really is delusional -- his "lack of a show" on FN and, probably NO CONTRACT, should be his *just dessert* for his deplorable behaviors. He is truly despicable (and NEVER should have been a contestant/nor considered to be so, on the Next Food Network Star, last year) !!!