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Food Network's January 2014 Programming Highlights

The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in January on the channel, which includes a lot of new and returning series.  Some of the highlights include:
  • The series debut of The Kitchen on Saturday January 4th.
  • The season 3 premiere of Rachael Vs Guy: Celebrity Cookoff on Monday January 6th.
  • The series premiere of Chopped Canada on Thursday January 9th that Dean McDermott is hosting.
  • New daytime episodes of Barefoot Contessa, Rachael Ray's 3 In The Bag, Sandwich King, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Giada At Home, and Guy's Big Bite.
  • New primetime episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen (one with Giada De Laurentiis as the judge), Restaurant Impossible, Mystery Diners, Chopped, Guy's Grocery Games, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Restaurant Stakeout, Iron Chef America, and On The Rocks.

The full press release that includes episode descriptions is below:

New Season of RACHEL VS GUY CELEBRITY COOK-OFF Among Food Network's January Highlights

Food Network launches exciting new programming in January as Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian come together in The Kitchen premiering Saturday January 4th at 11am to talk about all things food and entertaining.

Then, The Following day, Sunday, January 5th at 9:30am, Rachael Ray debuts her new series Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag and teaches viewers how to make three meals out of one bag of groceries. Back for a third season, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off begins on Monday, January 6th at 9pm, as eight new celebrities compete for a chance to win $50,000 for the charity of their choice.

Cutthroat Kitchen premieres new episodes on Sunday nights at 10pm, and Mystery Diners returns for a fifth season on Monday, January 6th at 10pm. Also in primetime, Food Network serves up premiere episodes of Chopped, Guy's Grocery Games, Restaurant: Impossible and more. Barefoot Contessa and Sandwich King premiere new seasons in daytime, and Food Network offers up three theme weekends full of new episodes. is the destination for recipes and tips to jumpstart 2014 with a healthier lifestyle. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
- Premiering Monday, January 6th at 9pm

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri return to mentor and coach eight new multi-talented celebrities in the third season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. The eight celebrities are divided into Team Rachael and Team Guy as they compete over six episodes in a variety of culinary challenges, testing their cooking, marketing and performing skills along the way. New to this season, each episode features a special Food Network guest judge who will determine which celebrity is sent home. The last one left standing wins bragging rights as they join past season winners Lou Diamond Phillips and Dean McDermott, and $50,000 to the charity of their choice.

Premiering Monday, January 6th at 9pm ET/PT - SEASON PREMIERE! - "Chefs of the Round Table"
The eight celebrities arrive in New York City as Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri select their teams to compete in a series of grueling cooking challenges, with the last celebrity left standing winning culinary bragging rights and $50,000 for the charity of their choice. The celebrities get right to work for their first cook-off challenge as they have 90 minutes to prepare a Medieval Feast and then perform for a stadium full of hungry spectators. Rachael and Guy are joined by special guest judge, Chef Lee Anne Wong, who will decide which dish does not make the cut.

Premiering Monday, January 13th at 9pm -"Leis in the Fray"
Rachael and Guy challenge the celebrities to make Hawaiian-inspired hors d'oeuvres and a team cocktail to serve 50 guests at a Luau party in only 90 minutes. The guests fill out comment cards rating each team's dishes, as special guest judge Chef Marc Murphy ultimately chooses the winning team and which celebrity will be eliminated.

Premiering Monday, January 20th at 9pm -"Supermarket Smackdown"
The remaining celebrities on Team Rachael and Team Guy must create, shop, cook and package their own signature food product that best reflects their personality. Each team then has to promote and sell their products to the public for tokens, and the celebrity with the most tokens from each team wins a cash prize for their charity and is safe from elimination. Guest judge Madison Cowan rates the quality of each team's products to decide which celebrity will not be moving on to the next challenge.

Premiering Monday, January 27th at 9pm -"Big Game Grub"
Team Rachael and Team Guy go head-to-head over two rounds to create the ultimate game day grub with guest judges Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Josh Elliott of Good Morning America determining their fate. The first round is a head-to-head chicken wing cook-off, with each team's MVP winning immunity and a cash prize to their charity. In round two, the celebrities must create the best elevated game-day dish by coming up with a unique team plate of nachos. The teams are judged on both dishes, with one celebrity taken out of the lineup leaving the remaining celebrities one step closer to winning the grand prize.

Online at, get weekly updates with photos and winner recipes and take a personality quiz to determine if you are more like Rachael or Guy. On FN dish, catch Exit interviews from the eliminated contestants and follow the competition on Twitter using #RvG.


The Kitchen
- Saturday January 4th at 11am

Spend a fun and food-filled morning in The Kitchen with hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. These five talented food experts will bring delicious recipes and fun conversation into viewers' kitchen every week. Set in a casual and comfy kitchen-living room, The Kitchen is a fresh, new take on the cooking show as the hosts cook, have fun, and offer up tips and tricks that everyone watching needs to know.

Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag - Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 9:30am

Rachael Ray is always looking for new ways to SPEED things up in the kitchen, because the sooner you are done cooking, the sooner you can start eating. Her latest time-saving strategy starts in the supermarket before she has even turned on a burner or Chopped a single vegetable. Join Rachael as she teaches viewers how to turn one bag of groceries and a few staple ingredients into three delicious meals.

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 9:30am - "Gluten Free Times 3"
Rachael prepares three gluten-free meals that do not sacrifice a thing in terms of flavor. She whips up Sweet 'n' Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Tacos. Then, it's Zucchini Pappardelle with Pesto and Eggplant Alla Norma. Last but not least, she serves Poblano Posole, a classic Mexican stew served with radishes, avocado and scallions.

Premiering Sunday, January 12th at 9:30am - "Three Times the Flavor"
Today's time-saving menu is all about big flavor thanks to a couple of marinades and a rub. First up, Rachael cooks Lemon Pepper-Cured Chicken with Fennel Salad. Next, she dishes out Eggplant Schnitzel and Roasted Peppers, a dish to please vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Then, for beef eaters, it is Espresso Steak with Baked Zucchini, a jazzed-up meat and potatoes supper.

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 9:30am - "Three for the Money"
These three meals will save time at the supermarket and in the kitchen. Rachael is getting double duty out of a whole poached chicken making a Lemon Chicken and Leek Rice Pilaf and Chicken Suiza Chilaquiles. She also serves up Linguini with Kale Pesto.

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 9:30am - "Triple Play"
Rachael turns one bag of groceries and a few staples from the pantry into three delicious and nutritious meals. Today's three pack includes Chickpea and Potato Soup, Indian-inspired Crispy Curry "Cutlet" Sandwiches and Spinach Tagliatelle with Buttery Tomato Sauce.

Chopped Canada
- Premiering Thursday, January 9th at 9pm

Hosted by Dean McDermott, Chopped Canada is a high stakes culinary competition series where four chefs compete before an all-star panel of expert judges, including Chuck Hughes, Susur Lee, Roger Mooking and Michael Smith. Armed with skill and ingenuity, chefs race against the clock to turn mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. Course by course, the chefs will be Chopped from the competition until only one remains. There's $10,000 on the line and everybody wants to win, but only one will survive the chopping block.

Premiering Thursday, January 9th at 9pm - "The Proof is in the Pudding"
The chefs hash it out over mac-and-cheese loaf and one chef's appetizer is a cut above the rest. Popcorn spices things up in the entrée round where all three chefs struggle to marry some unusual ingredients. In the dessert round, the proof is in the butterscotch pudding as the chefs mirror each other's desserts.

Premiering Thursday, January 16th at 9pm - "Disheveled Until Dessert"
Four chefs find themselves in a pickle at the start of this episode. Competition heats up in the entrée round as one chef gets the cold (pork) shoulder. A boozy basket yields two spectacular desserts, leaving the judges with a very difficult decision.

Premiering Thursday, January 23rd at 9pm - "Food, Sweat, Tears"
Things heat up as four chefs tug at the heartstrings in this emotional episode. In the appetizer round, the competition tries not to choke on processed cheese and baked beans. The entrée basket forces them to sharpen their skills with razor clams and hickory sticks. Another family favorite makes an appearance in the dessert round, finding one chef right in his comfort zone.

Premiering Thursday, January 30th at 9pm - "All's Fair in Cooking and War"
A seafood-laden basket forces the chefs to shuck against time in the appetizer round. Things take flight after that when the quail hits the floor. It is ice cream vs. ice cream in the dessert round as one chef's shot at $10,000 melts away.


Mystery Diners

Premiering Monday, January 6th at 10pm - "Tastes Like Chicken"
After hearing rumors that customers are being served meat at his vegan restaurant, Mitch, owner of Source in San Francisco, contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Amber and Brianna go undercover and discover what is really being cooked up in the kitchen.

Premiering Monday, January 13th at 10pm - "Fired Up"
Fearing that his staff is pranking customers with the restaurant's mouth-burning "Devil's XXX" hot sauce, Ken, owner of Looney's BBQ in San Leandro, Calif., asks Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Brianna and William go undercover to find out who is the real culprit.

Premiering Monday, January 20th at 10pm - "Money on the Side"
When Don, owner of Rocco's Cafe in San Francisco, hears rumors that his new manager is running unauthorized promotions, he contacts Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Brianna and Nate go undercover to show Don how his restaurant is really being run.

Premiering Monday, January 27th at 10pm - "Pardon My French"
Philippe, owner of Chapeau! in San Francisco, contacts Charles to investigate complaints that his wait staff is rude with customers. Mystery Diners Kiel and Brianna go undercover and discover an even bigger problem.



Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 9pm - "Waste Not"
The chefs must make use of ingredients that are usually thrown out for being imperfect, overripe or stale. For example, the first basket includes juicer pulp and tea bags. Then in the second round, the competitors have to get creative with a little bit of salad dressing and some paltry scraps of poultry. The finalists get some often-tossed portions of a fruit and the peels of a veggie to work into their desserts.
Judges: Hooni Kim, Aarón Sánchez, Marcus Samuelsson

Premiering Sunday, January 12th at 9pm - "Firefighter Chefs"
The firefighter competitors get the meal started with some hearty meat-and-cheese appetizers that would be a hit back at their firehouses, but will the judges enjoy them? Then, in the entrée round, some big errors with a non-basket-ingredient gets one of the judges inordinately upset, and Playing With Fire is part of The Challenge in the final round.
Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Scott Conant and Marcus Samuelsson

Premiering Tuesday, January 21st at 10pm - "Hoofin' It"
When the clock starts ticking down from 20 minutes, the chefs must rush to make appetizers with pickled pigs' feet and sweet potato chips, and one chef does not realize they have made a potentially costly mistake until it is too late. In the entrée round, the competitors try to make pie work with venison. The two finalists come up with similar ideas for their desserts, only one will survive the chopping block.
Judges: Alex Stupak, Aarón Sánchez, Marcus Samuelsson

Cutthroat Kitchen

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 10pm - "The Yolk's on You"
Giada De Laurentiis joins host Alton Brown as a guest judge in this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and is welcomed with a sweet version of a deviled egg. Then, one chef must avoid being canned when they have to create chicken and waffles with a whole canned chicken. Finally, one chef must create a delicious dessert after their sugar is replaced with sugar cane.

Premiering Sunday, January 12th at 10pm - "Cutthroat Kiddy Kitchen"
It is a tough dilemma when one chef forces another to choose between cooking with canned chicken or forfeit half their cooking time. Then, two chefs battle the Cutthroat Kitchen ball and chain when Alton throws a curve ball, and they are forced to share knives and tools. In a climatic culmination, one chef has big problems with a tiny kitchen.

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 10pm - "Soupsy Daisy"
Things get dim when one chef must get to work when they are handed a 500-watt work light as their only heat source to cook a quesadilla. Then, it is careful cooking when someone is forced to cook chicken soup on a cookie sheet. Finally, Alton Brown's bait bucket becomes one chef's main supply for a fish fry.

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 10pm - "A Penny for Your Chocolates"
In this episode, a chef is turned into a potato artist when they are forced to mold French fries out of a vat of mashed potatoes. Then, with Alton's sabotage, one chef must build a fire to cook a kebab plate. Finally, one chef takes more than their fair share of turns while searching for chocolate to make their chocolate chip cookies.

Online, catch new episodes of Alton's After Show, a post-show conversation with Alton and the guest judges chatting about the strategies and tricks employed by the chefs in each episode. Also, the updated site will feature highlight reels of the top sabotage moments and Food Network talent talking about which of their counterparts they would sabotage. Follow the mischief and strategy on Twitter using #CutthroatKitchen

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Monday, December 30th at 10pm - "Soup, Salad and Seafood"
This trip, Guy dives into all kinds of classic comfort foods. In Kansas City, Mo., a real deal chef serves up his dressed-up version of comfort food with dishes like chicken pot pie and steamed mussels. In Franklin, Tenn., a southern spot cranks out comfort food favorites like jambalaya, char-grilled oysters and the regional favorite, hot chicken. Also in Nashville, a food truck turned deli keeps it funky with all kinds of homemade soups, salads and even some graffiti.

Premiering Monday, January 6th at 8pm - "Best of Pizza"
Guy has been to a ton of pizza joints and finding the perfect slice is not easy. He has pulled together some killer spots that are spinning out some righteous pies, like the biggest pie ever shot on DDD at Fat Sully's, a killer kimchi pizza at Pizzeria Lola, the bacon and clam Pizza at Joe's Squared and the funky duck Pizza at Pastabilities. Guy also loves what Luigi tosses up at Pizzeria Luigi, where Guy turns up the heat with his on-the-fly diablo pizza.

Let us know your favorite local gems on Twitter using #DDD.

Guy's Grocery Games

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 8pm -"Game Day Rush"
The supermarket is closing while the chefs race through the aisles gathering as many ingredients as they can with just two minutes to shop for their game-day feast. Then, the remaining chefs must make their best dish using only the produce and condiments aisle. In Guy's final challenge, the two chefs must use just five items to make an upscale chicken dinner. Only one will be resourceful and creative enough to wow the judges and earn up to $20,000 in the Super Shopping Spree.
JUDGES: Richard Blais, D.C. Crenshaw, and Catherine McCord

Premiering Sunday, January 12th at 8pm -"Yes, Chefs Can!"
In Guy's first challenge, four chefs make an Italian feast using only canned foods. Then, it is closing time as the chefs race, shop and get all the fixings for the ultimate hot dog dish in a limited amount of time. The two chefs in the final game must come up with their best rice dish while incorporating mandatory items from Guy's wild grocery list, and the winner gets to go on a Super Shopping Spree.
JUDGES: Richard Blais, D.C. Crenshaw, and Catherine McCord

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 8pm - "Cart Wars"
In Guy's first challenge, the chefs must find a way to make tacos without tortillas, taco seasoning or ground beef. Just three chefs make it to the second challenge where Guy challenges them to make him a sandwich using only frozen food ingredients. Then, with only five ingredients or less, the final two chefs must be resourceful as they make a super seafood dish, and the winner gets a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
JUDGES: Richard Blais, Melissa d'Arabian, and Beau MacMillan

Online at, get bonus video, exclusive outtakes, episode highlights, a "How Well Do You Know Guy?" quiz and a sweepstakes with a $5K prize. Comment on your favorite episodes on Twitter using #GroceryGames.

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 9pm - "Big Game Day"
Two teams of Iron Chefs collide in a Big Game Day clash. Michael Symon and Marc Forgione battle against Masaharu Morimoto and Jose Garces in battle of the Iron Chefs. Donatella Arpaia, Mike Greenberg and Caroline Manzo judge in Kitchen Stadium.

On The Rocks

Premiering Saturday, January 4th at 11pm - "Reputation Revamp"
John Green heads to one of Hawthorne California's oldest bars - The Falcon Inn. The bar suffers from years of mismanagement which has ruined the bar's reputation. From bartenders who overpour their drinks to a young owner in dire need of business guidance, this bar needs a serious overhaul. John must train the staff and transform this dingy bar into a hip and modern cantina with new craft cocktails and fresh Mexican fare.

Premiering Saturday, January 11th at 11pm - "Irish Pub Troubles"
When John Green shows up at Mulligan's bar in Santa Clarita, Calif., he sees inexperienced bartenders, poor management, and laziness that make his head spin. Owner Lori is at a loss after the bar's initial success took a downturn due to the rough economy. It is clear that Mulligan's is in need of a major revamp that only John Green can deliver, and hopefully his efforts are enough to get Mulligan's off the rocks.

Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Wednesday, January 1st at 10pm - "Clueless in the Country"
In Plains, Mont., Robert meets one of the most clueless owners he's ever encountered at Heather's Country Kitchen. In the three years since the former stay-at-home mom impulsively purchased her namesake restaurant, she seemingly has not picked up much at all. In the course of two days, Robert has to manage the very high food and labor costs and also get Heather to embrace working with her headstrong daughters.

Premiering Wednesday, January 15th at 10pm - "Monkey Business"
When Robert first sees the Spunky Monkey Bar & Grill in Auburn, Wash., he is appalled by the restaurant's condition: inches of dust, mounds of grime, years of neglect, and an owner who does not seem to care at all. Robert and his team are at a complete loss as to which disaster to address first: the health code violations, the subpar food, the design roadblocks or the lackluster staff.

Premiering Wednesday, January 29th at 10pm - "Dirty Laundry"
Robert heads to Hillbillies Restaurant in Murphys, Calif., to investigate why Jami's breakfast and lunch spot is failing. While the name promises backwoods charm, Robert finds nothing charming about a decor consisting of rusty kitchen utensils on the wall and a dirty underwear clothesline on the ceiling. Getting rid of the clutter is only half of Robert's battle, as he also needs to turn Jami from world's biggest pushover to empowered business owner.

Don't miss the Restaurant: Impossible Top 5 countdown videos, like Top 5 Dirtiest Kitchens, Top 5 Heartwarming Moments and Top 5 Angry Owners at FoodNetwork.Com/RI. Tweet using #RestaurantImpossible

Restaurant Stakeout

Premiering Wednesday, January 8th at 9pm - "Dysfunction Junction"
Willie comes to the rescue of Bob, owner of Junction 46 in Ledgewood, N.J. Bob had some initial success when he opened two years ago, but business has recently been on a steady decline. On top of a failing business, Bob needs to cut back his hours to address health issues, but with a troublesome staff he is often working 90 hours a week. Can Willie bring some relief to this restaurant so Bob can rest and retire?

Give us your feedback on the restaurants' dirty deeds using#RestaurantStakeout.


Barefoot Contessa

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 11:30am - "Welcome to Town"
Ina is throwing a housewarming party for a new colleague. She has the lowdown on travel-friendly dishes made from local ingredients, like Corn and Avocado Salad, Roasted Summer Vegetables and Tequila Citrus Chicken. She also offers up fantastic tips for putting together a local cheese platter and a dessert platter, plus buffet strategies everyone wants to try.

Sandwich King

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 10:30am - "Shawarma-rama"
Jeff starts off with a Chicken Shawarma Sandwich topped with a fresh Cucumber and Tomato Salad and drizzled with Tahini Sauce. Next up is a Lamb Kofta with Roasted Tomatoes served ballpark-style. Then, Lorenzo joins Jeff in the kitchen to make Kiddie Kabobs, and they round out this Mediterranean feast with a Roasted Beet and Mint Hummus.

Premiering Sunday, January 12th at 10:30am - "Viva La Bomba"
First up is a Pepperoni Pizza Burger, bomba style! Then, it's an Italian sub like you've never seen served with a chili oil for dipping. For dessert, Lorenzo and his friends help make Bombini Doughnuts topped with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 10:30am - "Ooey Gooey Melts"
First up on Jeff's ooey-gooey menu is a Roasted Cauliflower Melt served with a Fresh Radish and Watercress Salad. Then, it's a Nacho Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Chorizo and a Honey Chipotle Crema. For dessert, he serves up Apple Hand Pies filled with a sweet caramel sauce.

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 10:30am - "Grid Iron Grubs"
Jeff kicks off his gridiron grub menu with Grilled Summer Sausage Sliders topped with melted cheese and pickled fennel. Next, it's a Sampler Platter Sub filled with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers and roasted jalapeno poppers. Then, he whips up the perfect snack for any party, Popcornapalooza, buttery popcorn tossed with crispy bacon and chili powder.


Giada At Home

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 11am - "Healthy and Hearty"
Giada creates meals that feature vegetables as the main dish with hearty and colorful dishes like Kale, Raisin and Pine Nut Soccas, Tuscan Barley and Vegetable Soup, Fettucine with Roasted Tomatoes, Peas and Fresh Mozzarella and Tofu and Black Bean Scramble with Smoked Salmon.

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 11am - "Easy and Italian"
Giada creates four tasty Italian dishes made with inexpensive ingredients like Cannellini Bean and Sausage Stew, Open-Faced Eggplant and Mushroom Sandwiches, Spicy Garlic and Anchovy Farfalle and Almond Affogato.

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 11am - "Game Day Goodies"
Giada whips up her spin on foods to enjoy while watching the big game. The menu includes Sticky Pork Ribs with Balsamic Barbecue Sauce, Sweet Potato Tots with Dill Dust and Strawberry Wonton Cups with Orange Mascarpone.

Guy's Big Bite

Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 10am -"Mediterranean State of Mind"
Guy celebrates the Mediterranean-esque bounty of Sonoma County by cooking a healthy meal with his friend and local celebrity chef, Mark Stark. First up, Guy's Mediterranean Sardines, and to go with those, Guy serves up an Orzo Salad. Last but not least, Chef Mark tears it up with his recipe for an Italian Kale Slaw with crunchy veggies and smoked almonds, all topped off with a fried farm-fresh egg.

Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 10am -"Taco Night, Done Right"
Guy cooks a Mexican-inspired meal with local celebrity chef Duskie Estes. First up, Al Pastor Tacos and Roasted Tomatillo Avocado Salsa. On the side, he dishes out Tex-Mex Rice with fire roasted tomatoes, sweet corn and diced carrot. Chef Duskie serves up her Backyard Gigante Beans and Pumpkin - a sweet and savory dish finished with squash blossoms and papalo.

Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 10am -"Super Southern Sliders"
Today, Guy's friend is coming over to get ready for the game and help make Chicken and Waffle Sliders. To go with that, they serve a Black Eyed Pea Salad, packed with veggies and crispy bacon, all tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.

The Pioneer Woman

Premiering Saturday, January 18th at 10am - "Bulk Boys"
Ree's hitting the road on a major bulk buy trip. She gets chicken thighs for her Peach Whiskey Chicken; apples for Homemade Applesauce, Apple Pancakes and Healthy Breakfast Muffins; and briskets for braising for tostadas, pizza or piled on nachos.

Premiering Saturday, January 25th at 10am - "Football Camp"
Ladd's coaching football camp and Ree's making lunch to-go for 120 hungry coaches and kids. To feed this crowd, she's whipping up a picnic of Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches, Spiced-Up Potato Chips and Football Fruit. At the end of camp, she dishes out a special treat of Chocolate Spread with three delicious toppings.

Trisha's Southern Kitchen

Premiering Saturday, January 4th at 10:30am - "Healthy Twists"
Longtime friend Chef Art Smith visits Trisha in the kitchen to share some healthy but classic southern dishes. Trisha impresses him with her Slimmed-Down Carrot Cake and Un-fried Chicken while Art takes on the ultimate Garlic Cauliflower Mash, and the day ends with a surprise serenade from Johnny Garcia.

Premiering Saturday, January 11th at 10:30am - "Straight Up Comfort"
Trisha cooks straight-up comfort food to welcome her friend Wendy Williams to the south. Trisha teaches Wendy how to make her Ribbon Meatloaf, Creamed-Style Corn and decadent Banana Pudding. The south is known for their juleps, so Trisha creates a special Cherry Ginger Julep just for Wendy.

Premiering Saturday, January 18th at 10:30am - "Make Ahead Meals"
Nothing makes entertaining easier than a good make-ahead meal. After Trisha ropes her sister Beth and friend Ann into attending a hip-hop dance class, they head back to Trisha's for an oven-ready meal. On tonight's menu: Baked Spaghetti Pie, Spinach Salad with Garlic Dressing and Joe's "Say Cheese" Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce.

Premiering Saturday, January 25th at 10:30am - "Feeding the Home Team"
Trisha has invited former NFL star Kurt Warner and wife Brenda over knowing that they are well-versed in cooking for a large gathering. On today's menu: BBQ Pork Ribs, Easy Baked Beans and Butterscotch Peanut Butter Bars.


Healthy Resolutions Weekend
Premiering Saturday and Sunday, January 4th and 5th from 7am - 2pm

Start the New Year off with a weekend's worth of quick, easy and healthy cooking tips and new episodes of Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, The Kitchen, Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag, Sandwich King and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Premiere episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, January 4th at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen - "Healthy Twists"
Premiering Saturday January 4th at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 9:30am - Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag - "Gluten Free Times 3"
Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 10am - Guy's Big Bite - "Mediterranean State of Mind"
Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 10:30am - Sandwich King - "Shawarma-rama"
Premiering Sunday, January 5th at 11am - Giada at Home - "Healthy and Hearty"

Money-Saving Menus Weekend

Premiering Saturday and Sunday, January 18th and 19th from 7am - 2pm
Food Network talent share their favorite tips for an entire weekend menu of money-saving meals with premiere episodes of Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Premiere episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, January 18th at 10am - The Pioneer Woman - "Bulk Boys"
Premiering Saturday, January 18th at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen - "Make Ahead Meals"
Premiering Saturday January 18th at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 9:30am - Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag - "Three For the Money"
Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 10am - Guy's Big Bite - "Taco Night, Done Right"
Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 10:30am - Sandwich King - "Ooey Gooey Melts"
Premiering Sunday, January 19th at 11am - Giada at Home - "Easy and Italian"

Big Game Party Weekend

Premiering Saturday and Sunday, January 25th and 26th from 7am - 2pm
There is only one way to plan the next blowout sports party, and it is with the help off fan-favorite Food Network chefs. Get recipes from premiere episodes of Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag, Sandwich King and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Premiere episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, January 25th at 10am - The Pioneer Woman - "Football Camp"
Premiering Saturday, January 25th at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen - "Feeding the Home Team"
Premiering Saturday January 25th at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 9:30am - Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag - "Triple Play"
Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 10am - Guy's Big Bite - "Super Southern Sliders"
Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 10:30am - Sandwich King - "Grid Iron Grubs"
Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 11am - Giada at Home - "Game Day Goodies"
Premiering Sunday, January 26th at 11:30am - Barefoot Contessa - "Welcome to Town"


Bobby Flay Fit

On January 1st, Bobby Flay Fit is back with four new web-exclusive videos covering topics like Bobby's plan for staying healthy while on-the-go and two new workout routines: yoga and boot camp. Plus, new healthy and delicious recipes from Bobby.


Healthy Cooking Every Day

Get healthy recipes and how-tos for everyday of the week, like easy weeknight dinners and slimmed-down versions of your favorite comfort food recipes. Get Melissa d'Arabian's healthy solutions for meals the whole family will love, and find out which lighter recipes stars like Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown turn to again and again. #HealthyEveryDay

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Winter Entertaining Guide

Whether it is a game day, a movie night or just an excuse to get together, find the best ideas for fun winter parties. Mix and match recipes from Guy Fieri, Ina Garten and Sunny Anderson for a surefire feast.

5 Weeknight Dinners: Winter

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  1. Some of those are questionable "highlights," such as Dean McDermott hosting a show.

  2. I wonder if there will be any way to get Chopped Canada in the States. I love Susur Lee and Chuck Hughes and wish I could see the programs.

  3. Was planning to avoid R v. G like the plague, but with Lee Anne Wong judging, I may have to force myself to watch.

  4. These are the programming highlights for the US. So, Chopped Canada is going to be on in the US, premiering Jan. 9th.

  5. I'm still giggling that of all women to cheat with, he picked the one named "Goodhand."

  6. RVG hasn't been any good without Lou Diamond Phillips. I started watching season one reluctantly, and ended up staying because I became a passionate LDP fan.

    And I'm STILL not seeing Next Iron Chef! It's the FN event I look forward to most every year.

  7. The season three premiere for Rachel Vs Guy is available on Comcast On Demand. I watched it last night. I'm rooting for Vanilla Ice this season.

  8. It's on Charter On Demand too.

  9. Okay, now that I've watched it, I think either Herschel or Penn is the one to beat.

  10. If no one cycles out of TNIC, do they need to hold a competition to add someone, though?

  11. Guest, Forgive me for my ignorance of this Social network time that we live in. You have said things I did not realize. I am humbled. I come from a world when, people spoke they're mind, they told you who they were and what they believed. I always assumed, (although I was wrong) because I signed my name, TD Riggs, to these message boards...people knew who I was. At least my name and where I lived. They could still call me out.
    With that said...I still think the FN has become stale. I do not know how to fix it. I love them...but I hate them.

  12. Thanks, Annie. I think I see what you mean...If you're happy with who you are watching and they can teach you something new, regardless of your Culinary skills, they have done their job. Cool. I can still learn things at my age. Have a wonderful New year. The best to you and yours.

  13. And you, too. Happy New Year!

  14. The fix is simple. More cooking, less reality TV.

  15. That's my problem with the show. How many Iron Chefs do you need? It's overstuffed amd bloated. Next IC feels cheapened because of it.

  16. So, the Kitchen is basically The Chew w/o the studio audience?

  17. Soooooo tired of Guy.

  18. And without current topics

  19. I'm loathe to admit how much I like it but The Chew is pretty good. I never liked Symon until I saw him on the show and was won over with his personality; Clinton Kelly is a crowd-pleasing natural; Carla Hall, the same, I just adore her; and Batali is, well, Batali, an Italian Pepin who can make a regular person feel like a gourmand no matter what he is telling you to do.

    I hate admitting that I tune in but I really enjoy their banter and oftentimes their recipes leave me craving. Even when they do stupid stuff, I am at least laughing because they seem so in on the joke.

  20. And without people I want to watch.

  21. There is no need to apologize for liking The Chew; it's a darn good show. Besides, I'll watch Carla Hall in almost anything.

  22. Carla is the bomb. She is just such a natural. You watch Spike and Marcel try to force themselves into personalities (FN did a Next IronChef marathon today, before I switched to Breaking Bad) and it's just such a "no." You either are or you are not. Carla is proof of that. She doesn't for a second come across as manufactured.

  23. I think you're right. I just really like Vanilla Ice; I like that he's a vegetarian and that he named his dish after the Ninja Turtles. :)

  24. I like a philly cheesesteak dip w/au jus and a cold beer. Much better than artichokes.

  25. Silver Spring is what I'd call my hometown. I've watched it fall and rise several times, but the current comeback seems to be taking; it just needs to go further.

  26. I used to live at Flower and Kennebec. If you ever want terrific food, hit up El Golfo. Damn, I miss that place.

  27. Thanks for the heads up. Watched it last night and immediately wanted to send Chris Kattan into the abyss with sharp objects. He was uncomfortable to watch. I even felt bad for Guy.

  28. hallelujah! Ina Garten new it.

  29. Au jus is a prepositional phrase meaning "with juice," not a noun. Jus is the noun. I wish so-called professional chefs would stop saying "with au jus."

    Also "with con queso."

  30. I wish they'd quit saying serve up, stir up, fry up...up up and away. You're just serving, just stirring, just frying, etc.--it makes as much sense to say serve up as to say serve down, serve sideways...drives me nuts.

  31. Or at least cooking competitions like Food Network Challenge.

  32. I wonder if some of Paula's problem was her being over exposed, allegedly making food that caused diabetes and then her lawsuit. I liked her but it got old.

    I like Guy too but I am getting tired of him, I watch some of the new DDD and his Rachel vs Guys shows but don't really need more of him. I guess he's FN's answer to Duck Dynasty- take that as you will. LOL

  33. I don't really like "Grandma's Ravioli" or whatever but I love Mo Rocca!

  34. Awww, I lived there for college. On what used to be called "Jefferson Davis Highway and 23rd Street." Went back and lived in Takoma to work for W. That's such a great area if you love good food - it's not called International Crossroads for nothing. Boy, I envy you. I wish I'd never left :)

  35. MoHub, that is so awesome. I hope she knows how many regular people she inspires :)

  36. Born in DC; raised and still living in the Maryland 'burbs. And I actually like Spike when he isn't playing poseur for the TV cameras.

  37. I've met Carla on several occasions, and I can tell you that everything you see is real. She's a total natural.

  38. At least she'd be putting that tongue to good use!

  39. I should add, though, I am biased because I am a former D.C.-er. Though then again, that should have worked in Spike's favor and it doesn't....

  40. W-D, Yea, I too have cut back on my viewership regarding FN. I have always liked what they are trying to provide to us.(Viewers) Educate us...Show us how to make a great meal, but don't make it a drama to keep us as your viewers.
    I do like shows like R-I...they have informed me about what goes on owning a restaurant...and not just working in one...I just do not like the extra Yelling that goes on. I think you're right about Robert sitting down with the Owners and discussing what needs to be done. Constructive information. Thank goodness I do not have to program TV shows.

  41. Hey Food Network, If you are reading these comments please take note of which 3 have the highest numbers of thumbs-up & +'s. "Nuff said.

  42. Dinner: Impossible reruns are being shown on Cooking Channel.

  43. Right there with you, Ugh, talk about overexposure!

  44. omg! In all seriousness, would you say that to a restaurant mgr. if you saw "w/au jus" on any menu? The public gets the meaning. They don't care about technicalities or prepositional phrases. Talk about hyper-nitpicking. You sound like you've got a severe case of OCD. You are making yourself look like the world's most persnickety grammar-cop when others see you post like this. I can't help wondering if you have corrected people's grammar on a first date. Nothing I'd be proud of. I'm not a professional chef.

  45. What I have a case of is 12 hard-fought years studying French. You would never say you had a hamburger "with with ketchup," and it behooves professional chefs to know the vocabulary of their trade.

    And I happen to be a professional grammar hammer and let a hell of a lot go. But if there are tools to your trade, you should be able to use them correctly. You wouldn't use a hammer when the job calls for a saw.

  46. Ugh. No way. I can't stand his whiny voice. You can have him.

  47. Maybe they just need to give Guy his own network, and then we can ignore it entirely.

  48. Ugh i actually like Guy's Grocery Games, but reallyy the host could be interchangeable and i would love it more if it werent Guy Fieri in it and the redundancy of his so called delay of explaining the twist of each challenge. He is way overdone. Just because he branched out and became a host for Minute to Win It, doesnt mean he deserves more air time on FN, but if production wants to milk whatever left they can out of that cow then so be it, the sad thing is unless he has some scandal then i do see him and his sons as the next Deens...
    I wish FN would look back on their roots and think more of the modern instead of trying so hard. And instead of repeating these family style type shows... So many of their classic shows had success for a reason and they also had success before with alternative/modern type shows like Ace of Cakes (then Cake Boss had a similar format that took over the audiences)... I am personally offended that they never assigned Justin a show before getting Damaris her rather disappointment of a show. And then i also feel they should show more Aarti because she is interesting but they never repeat her for some reason.

  49. Damaris is very skilled. They could put her on without any guests at all and we could still learn lots of things from her. I like her show and she is real. I heard that Justin had a falling out with Alton somehow but I haven't been able to track down any details so I'm not sure. Very few people would recreate the odd dishes that Justin made.

  50. Ewww. Unwrapped is the ultimate waste of time trivia show. I could care less how M&M's are made. Total "filler"

  51. Why is Alton even here anymore? Seriously. He isn't cooking anymore. He tries to take over and run everything whenever he's on with other chefs. He won't stop with his relentless yapping commentary. I think his Cutthroat Kitchen is just a chance for him to play Dungeon Master (ala Dungeons & Dragons game) in the kitchen. He is a knowlegeable but too much of a ham. I wonder how much of his knowledge was really reading off of cue-cards from the researchers he has behind him. If people aren't cooking, why are they here? It's sad that he has gone from cooking to more reality tv.

  52. Well, I couldn't care less about trivia shows either. I thought at least Unwrapped was informative and not "filler" with D-list celebrities trying to cook and yell over each other. To each their own.

  53. I think we need more Sandra Lee, too. (<--sarcasm)

  54. When will they learn that less Guy Fieri is better, although i actually do like Grocery Games even if its pretty much Chopped in a Grocery Market setting.. that show doesnt really need Guy to host it for it to be great though so yes less Guy Fieri is better for all our healths and better for his ego!

  55. When I am flipping channels, and I see him, I'm in a hurry to change channels, I am *so* tired of him and that mouth I could scream....I like Food Network, but enough already!!!!!

  56. That's not being very nice to Duck Dynasty.

  57. They at least were not douchy. And they were fun.

  58. Too late. Anne Burrell got a pink mohawk.

  59. I miss Challenge!

  60. I have to agree with what you said. There was one place Guy went to (forget the name at the moment) and I wanted to try the place because it is one of the few places he went that actually caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. I wish Guy and other shows like his would actually go to places that caters to all not just one.

  61. I LOVE Cutthroat Kitchen! That's currently my favourite show on the Food Network.

    I'll be interested in the new season of Chopped, seeing two groups using the same basket ingredients. I also like Rachael Vs. Guy and Chopped Canada. And I'm looking forward to seeing more from Food Court Wars; I hope this show is stronger in season two.

    I'm not around for daytime, but I DVR The Kitchen. I watch Sandwich King sometimes; I just love how Jeff Mauro is with his kids!

    I may watch Worst Cooks In America.

    I have no desire to see Buy This Restaurant or Mystery Diners. I think Restaurant Impossible has jumped the shark.

    And "New Season of 'Triple D' Among Food Network's February Highlights"?! Seriously?!

  62. I've never seen The Chew, but I like The Kitchen. I think the show started out clunky but is coming along well.

  63. When I am flipping channels, and I see him, I'm in a hurry to change channels, I am *so* tired of him and that mouth I could scream....I like Food Network, but enough already!!!!!

  64. Guy Fieri is a douche. I checked what was playing on FN today and it's like 2pm to 4am of non stop doucheness :(

  65. Guy Fieri is a douche. Couple days ago I saw it was like 2pm to 4am next day non stop with him. Than later on the day there would be more of him. Ugh enough of him already :(

  66. GUY, "Chicken, chicken, not a winner", same stupid shtick every show. And he thinks he's funny. What's next "Triple M, N, P". If I want game shows there are different channels! Triple D was ok because you get to see what real ppl do. I WILL SAY THIS!!! There are stars on food network, and foodies know who they are. It's called "FOOD NETWRK" isn't it.

  67. DoneWithFoodNetworkMay 27, 2014 at 5:23 PM

    Enough already! I would rather watch unaired pilots, or re-runs of any of your other "Food Network "STARS" that to watch any more of Guy F. I have been over him for a long time...a little goes a long way. And he has outlived his welcome in our home. We'll not be watching anymore of this "Guy". So long Food Network, you have sealed your fate!

  68. I think Guy must be a big share holder in the Food Network! Can not stand him him, I change the channel,when he is on!

  69. I am sick of DDD and Guy. Too much already!!!!