Saturday, July 29, 2023

Great Food Truck Race Winner - David vs. Goliath Season 16

Sunday Night at at 8pm ET on Food Network is the season finale of The Great Food Truck Race where the winning team will take home $50,000.  The two remaining teams competing for the prize are Khana (Maryam Khan, Al Jane, Jake Nielsen) and The Easy Vegan (Alexi Mandolini and Taylor Herbert, Matt Heikkila)

The final episode is in Los Angeles and the description states:
"With two trucks left to fight in the finale, each team steals one dish from the other's menu and crafts their own versions to sell at the Regarding Her Food Festival. Tyler Florence surprises them with a high-stakes rapid fire challenge judged by three renowned Los Angeles chefs, and he allows them to only sell one all-in entrée all day. Both teams scrap for their last sales, hoping to claim the grand prize of $50,000!"

I will update this post with The Great Food Truck Race season 16 winner after the episode airs.  Feel free to discuss this season and the finale in the comments.  Both teams remaining are first timers in the David vs. Goliath theme of the season, so the winner will be someone who doesn't currently run a food truck.

Continue reading to see who won season 16 of The Great Food Truck Race.....

Khana won the first rapid fire challenge by making the dish the judges felt was better. They also sold more of their special item the first day, so they had a $400 advantage.  In the third challenge, The Easy Vegan won, which got them $200.

After the final challenge, The Easy Vegan had more money in the end and they won the $50,000 prize and season 16 of The Great Food Truck Race.  Khana had $4058 in sales, while The Easy Vegan had over $6,000, so the final numbers were not too close.

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