Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook Debuts With Low Ratings

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook debuted last night on Food Network at 10pm ET and brought it cable ratings of 681,000 total viewers which is well below many of the shows that air on Food Network at similar time slots.  A commenter who always posts the ratings for Food Network shows (thanks!) said this was the second worst rated Food Network premiere to air this year behind Vegas Chef Prizefight (Link). Shows that tend to stick around on Food Network usually get over 1 million total viewers per episode.

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook was promoted a lot on Food Network and they fast-tracked the series which is scheduled to air eight episodes according to the press release.  If ratings remain the same throughout the series, it should be interesting to see if they all air.

Some reviews online about the show were not too positive. wrote an article about the show and its camerawork that was titled, "Let’s hope Amy Schumer’s quarantine cooking show is not the future of TV."

I know people wanted a blog post about Amy Schumer Learns To Cook to discuss it, so here it is.

UPDATE - Week 2 brought in 770,000 viewers, so almost an increase of 100,000 from episode 1.

*Ratings source - Showbuzzdaily

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