Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Iron Chef Gauntlet Season 2 Winner - Will They Become An Iron Chef?

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Tonight on Iron Chef Gauntlet, David LeFevre, Nicole Gomes, and Timon Balloo competed to see who would become the Iron Chef Gauntlet season 2 winner.  First they had a Chairman's Challenge that made them choose two difficult ingredients for their competitors to create a unified dish.  The two chefs that made it through this challenge would battle it out in Kitchen Stadium with a secret ingredient challenge of chops.  Cat Cora and Rocco DiSpirito were the judges who decided which chef would enter the Gauntlet.

Continue reading to see who advanced and who won Iron Chef Gauntlet season 2.  They will now have to compete against Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Stephanie Izard and Michael Symon and beat them to become an Iron Chef.

The first chef eliminated tonight was Timon Balloo.  This put David LeFevre against Nicole Gomes in the Secret Ingredient Challenge in Kitchen Stadium.   David LeFevre outscored Nicole Gomes 37-31 and was crowned the Iron Chef Gauntlet season 2 winner.

The episode description for next week states:
"The last chef standing faces almost insurmountable odds when they must cook their way through the three-round Gauntlet against Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Stephanie Izard and Michael Symon. But in a surprise twist, the Chairman allows the challenger to decide which ingredient they'll battle each Iron Chef with, and judges Donatella Arpaia and Marcus Samuelsson decide whether the competitor leaves in defeat or joins the coveted ranks of the Iron Chefs."

Do you think the right chef won tonight?  Also, do you think David LeFevre will become an Iron Chef next week?

UPDATE - If you were wondering if David LeFevre became an Iron Chef, see this post.

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