Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ree Drummond To Judge, Eddie Jackson To Host 'Christmas Cookie Challenge'

Photo - Food Network
Food Network announced a new series called Christmas Cookie Challenge that will begin on Monday, November 6th at 10pm ET.  There have been Christmas Cookie Challenge specials in the past on Food Network, but never a whole series.  Christmas Cookie Challenge will be seven episodes long and in each episode five bakers compete through two rounds for a prize of $10,000.  Former Food Network Star winner Eddie Jackson will be the host of the show.  Ree Drummond will be the main judge on every episode and there will be a rotating panel of guest judges that include: Kimberly Bailey, James Briscione, Damiano Carrara, Dan Langan, Jamika Pessoa, Jordan Pilarski, Aarti Sequeira and Joy Wilson. 

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