Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Iron Chef Showdown Coming To Food Network

Alton Brown posted a video (below) on his Facebook and Twitter pages announcing a new Iron Chef series called Iron Chef Showdown.  Iron Chef America didn't air for quite some time on Food Network, but in April 2017 Iron Chef Gauntlet premiered and Stephanie Izard ended up winning the competition to become an Iron Chef.  Even with a newly crowned Iron Chef, there wasn't any official announcement that Iron Chef the show would be returning until now.

Iron Chef Showdown will be a "fresh take on fan-favorite Iron Chef America," but it isn't too clear from the video or this article on foodnetwork.com what will be different.  Alton Brown will be the host and Mark Dacascos returns as the chairman.  Also former ESPN Sportscenter anchor Jaymee Sire will be a floor reporter.  The Iron Chefs that will be on the show include: Bobby Flay, Jose Garces, Michael Symon, Alex Guarnaschelli and Stephanie Izard.  Iron Chef Showdown will premiere in late 2017, but there is no official date yet.

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