Sunday, July 30, 2017

Food Network Star Episode 9 Elimination - Plus Star Salvation

Giada See Through
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On tonight's episode of Food Network Star, the four remaining finalists first had to do a live report on location while visiting popular food trucks.  Sabin Lomac was on hand to help Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis judge the first challenge.  The judges felt Matthew did the best and he got an advantage on the second challenge.

On the second challenge, the finalists had to film their own special called "Up Your Game (Day)" where they had to demo a special game-day dish while facing challenges along the way. Matthew's advantage was being able to pick the dish that he had to cook and also assigning others their dishes. ESPN's Jamele Hill and Jayme Sire (who will be a floor reporter on Iron Chef Showdown) helped Bobby and Giada judge the challenge.  Jason and Matthew were determined winners of the challenge and were safe from elimination.  In the end, the judges decided that Amy would be eliminated and sent to compete on Star Salvation.

On Star Salvation, David Rose, Cory Bahr, and Amy Pottinger competed for a chance to rejoin the competition. This episode of Star Salvation can be watched here, and as is normally the case with the last episode of Star Salvation, there was a cliffhanger at the end.  David was eliminated, so either Cory Bahr or Amy Pottingeer will rejoin Matthew, Rusty, and Jason next week and will have a chance to be the next Food Network Star

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