Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Restaurant: Impossible Has Been Canceled

It looks like Food Network has decided not to renew Restaurant: Impossible and the show has been canceled according to a tweet by Robert Irvine.  He tweeted, "Guys after 13 seasons and 170 episodes of Restaurant Impossible,network has decided not to renew it.awesome time and thanks for watching"

Restaurant: Impossible was on Food Network for 13 seasons over a span of six years and Robert Irvine and his team were responsible for making over 140 failing restaurants.  Of those 140 restaurants, only about 50 of them remain open as of today's date.  Robert Irvine has always claimed a much higher success rate than reality and even yesterday claimed 70% of the restaurants survived, but his definition of success may be different than open vs. closed.

Robert Irvine is currently filming his new talk show that will be on CW in September, but that was not the reason for Restaurant: Impossible ending.

Robert also followed up with another tweet that said, "Hopefully we will have more @FoodNetwork shows in the future . I will keep you informed .. Love to you all."  So, you will probably still be seeing Robert Irvine on Food Network.

Even though Restaurant: Impossible has been canceled, I will still keep the Restaurant Impossible Updates page up-to-date and mark restaurants "Closed" as they close.  Restaurant: Impossible brought a lot of traffic to this site so I don't want to see it go, but a lot of the readers here thought it was time for the show to end.

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