Thursday, October 15, 2015

Food Network Star Season 12 Now Casting

Photo - Food Network
Food Network Star is already casting for season 12 of the show, and they have upcoming open calls in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington DC.  You can also submit applications online and they are due by November 18th.  One thing I always like to look at are the rules and eligibility requirements for being on the show.  Here are a few of things of interest from the rules:

  • Contestants must be willing to travel to a location determined by Food Network for 6-8 weeks in January/February 2016.  So filming is usually 6-8 weeks for the show, and considering there are usually about 11 episodes, that equates to shooting 1-2 per week.  Later in the rules, it says filming days are usually 10-12 hour (or more) days on your feet.
  • All finalists are required to sign a release and agreement form with Food Network that will 
  • "render  applicant  exclusive  to FOOD  NETWORK for  a  pre-determined period  of  time  (meaning  that  applicant  would  not,  among  other  limitations,  be  able  to  appear in programs in any media, make public appearances, publish a food-related book, or be associated in any manner with any commercial, advertisement, and/or endorsement without FOOD NETWORK's express written  permission  in  each  circumstance); and (ii)  give FOOD  NETWORK the  option,  at FOOD NETWORK's  sole  election,  to  exercise  the  right  to  have applicant  appear  as  a  host,  co-host,  or contributor  to FOOD  NETWORK programming  or  use  applicant's  name,  image,  and/or  likeness  in FOOD  NETWORK programming, merchandising, or  other  ancillary  media  (including  a food-related book  at  a  rate  of  compensation  and  in  accordance  with  such  terms  and  conditions  that  shall  be determined by FOOD NETWORK in its sole discretion)"
    I imagine the actual release and agreement form has much more information and restrictions.
  • The last rule makes it seem like the Food Network will pick the winner again for season 12 and America will not get a chance to vote.

Other things of note on the JS Casting site, is that they are casting for Beat Bobby Flay season 8, and they are already casting for a second season of Chopped Jr. before the first season has even started.  They are also casting for a Kids BBQ show, but it doesn't say if that is for Food Network or another channel.

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