Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zandi's Grill From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

Photo - Food Network
Zandi's Grill in Millersville, Maryland, which was featured on season four of Restaurant Impossible has closed.  I received a few emails/comments letting me know about the closing and the Zandi's Grill website is no longer active, and their phone number is disconnected.  One email I received said Groupon will refund vouchers associated with the restaurant if anyone has any (not confirmed).

  • A January 2015 Yelp review says, "Went there today and there was a sign on the door saying they are closed but a new owner will open in a week or so."
  • And a more recent review (2/8/2015) says, "Went today and it appears to be out of business.  Dead website and phone number"
  • There is also a post on their Facebook page from 2/10/2015 that says,  "Hi! went to our place on Saturday and it was closed up and the phone is disconnected. Are you closed forever? : ("

This is the ninth restaurant from season four (2012) of Restaurant Impossible to close, and the Restaurant Impossible Update page has been updated with this information.


  1. Nine closures from one season?! Yikes!

    Makes me think they don't have a 'lost causes' list when they're picking restaurants to help.* Surely some would stand out more than others. I know they can never *truly* know, but still...

    *or they focus on the perceived lost causes because it makes better TV. ;)

  2. Reality shows need good TV product; saving failing restaurants is secondary to the producers...who knows how Robert actually feels.

  3. And they can always fudge the numbers at foodnetwork.com...which they do. ;)

  4. Word to the wise......under any circumstances.....Do not EVER open a restaurant! Instead.....take your hard earned savings and throw it down the toilet!!!

  5. Look at the normal default rate for restaurants and the show is doing pretty well, especially given that every restaurant they feature is in deep doo.

  6. Maybe your advice should be to not let Robert Irvine give it a makeover.

  7. And make sure you give it a courtesy flush.