Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alton Brown Launches Youtube Channel

Photo - Twitter
Good news Good Eats fans...Alton Brown has been teasing for some time that a version of Good Eats would be returning at some point, but in a web-based format.  This week, Alton Brown launched his Youtube channel, and has uploaded a few videos that are Good Eats-type videos.  The header on the Youtube page says 'Alton Brown Television' and he is referring to the series as "Cooksmart" on Twitter and in the videos.

The first two videos uploaded are about two to three minutes each.  The first video is titled 'Alton Browns Mustard Caddy', while the second video teaches you how to make oven eggs.  He has also teased an upcoming video with the picture to the right.

If you are interested in viewing the first two videos, they are after the jump, and if you are interested in subscribing to his channel, you can do so from the link above.

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