Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ciao House - Season 2

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Food Network's Ciao House airs on Sunday nights at 8pm ET on Food Network and returns for it's second season on May 19th, 2024.  The prize for winning is once again "an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs."  Alex Guarnaschelli co-hosts the show with Gabriele Bertaccini and and the series will be ten episodes long (a lot of back-to-back episodes) with the finale on Sunday, June 23rd.  While the first season had 10 chefs competing, this season there will be 12 chefs competing and they are listed below.

  • Ivan Barros (Los Angeles, California)
  • Zev Bennett (Miami, Florida)Maria Bregatta (Burlington, Vermont)
  • Austin Cobb (Playa Grande, Costa Rica)
  • Devan Cunningham (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Tiana Gee (Los Angeles, California)
  • Hanna Haar (Montauk, New York)
  • Drew Keane (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Shannon Odom (Haico, Texas)
  • Jan Parker (Tacoma, Washington)
  • Phuoc Vo (Tampa, Florida)
  • Stikxz Williams (Queens, New York)

They will compete against each other as individuals and in teams to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes.  Each week, new teams are picked and someone from the losing team will be eliminated.  In the finale, the final two chefs will prepare a three-course fine dining experience. 

Feel free to discuss season 2 of Ciao House in the comments and I will do another post for the finale.

UPDATE - To see who won Ciao House Season 2, visit this post.


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