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24 in 24: Last Chef Standing - Season 1 Discussion and Eliminations

Food Network's newest show premieres Sunday night and is called 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing. This is a competition show where 24 chefs will take on 24 food challenges for 24 consecutive hours until there is only one chef remaining.  The prize for winning the competition is $50,000 and a trip of a lifetime.  Michael Symon and Esther Choi will be hosting the competition while the judges will be Eric Adjepong, Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Stephanie Izard, Jet Tila, Bryan Voltaggio, Michael Voltaggio, and Brooke Williamson.  The season will be eight episodes long with the finale airing on Sunday, May 12th.

There are a lot of familiar faces competing on the show from shows such as Food Network Star, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Tournament of Champions, etc.  The chefs competing are: Carlos Anthony, Gabriella Baldwin, Emilie Rose Bishop, Josephine Clemens, Chris Dodson, Kess Eshun, Elizabeth Falkner, Declan Horgan, Christopher Ingram, Airis Johnson, Matt Jordan, Camille La Caer, Danielle Lee, Mika Leon, Chris Oh, Viet Pham, Marc Quinones, Nadine Charlie Ray, Chad Rosenthal, Vijay Sadhu, Aarthi Sampath, Martel Stone, Michael Toscano, and Marcel Vigneron.

I will track the eliminations for each episode below after they air, so spoiler alert if you do not want to know the eliminations.  I will also do a post for the finale and you can discuss this season of 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing in the comments.

*Side note - Food Network already had a show called $24 in 24 where Jeff Mauro had a budget of $24 to eat for a day in different cities.

Continue reading to see the eliminations from 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing.....

Episode 1 - In this episode, it was revealed that all of the chefs would be in head-to-head battles and 12 chefs would be eliminated.  Here were the results of the matchups with the losing chef going home: Mika Leon defeated Marc Quinones, Marcel Vigneron defeated Viet Pham, Chris Oh defeated Matt Jordan, Vijay Sadhu defeated Airis Johnson, Gabriella Baldwin defeated Michael Toscano, Camille La Caer defeated Chad Rosenthal, Carlos Anthony defeated Aarthi Sampath, Chris Dodson defeated Danielle Lee, Josephine Clemens defeated Emilie Rose Bishop, Christopher Ingram defeated Declan Horgan, Kess Eshun defeated Charlie Ray, and Martel Stone defeated Elizabeth Falkner. 

Episode 2 - Vijay Sadhu was eliminated at the beginning of the episode after losing to Camille La Caer. Josephine Clemens was eliminated in the next shift, while Gabriella Baldwin was eliminated at the end of the episode.

Episode 3 - During the first hour, Camille La Caer and Christopher Ingram were eliminated. During the next challenge, Kess Eshun was the chef eliminated.  There are now only six chefs remaining.

Episode 4 - Martel Stone was eliminated during the first hour.   During the next shift, Chris Dodson was eliminated.  This makes the final four Marcel Vigneron, Chris Oh, Mika Leon and Carlos Anthony. 

To see who won season 1 of 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing, visit this post

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