Monday, August 22, 2022

Two New Bobby Flay Shows Coming to Food Network

Photo - Food Network/Discovery

Last year, Bobby Flay renewed his contract with Food Network and now we are starting to see some of the new programming that is being created under his new contract.  Two new Bobby Flay shows will be premiering on Food Network  - Bobby and Sophie on the Coast (August 22, 2022) and Bobby's Triple Threat (September 27th, 2022).

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast is only a three-episode series and the press release describes the show as, "In each one-hour episode, Bobby and Sophie explore Los Angeles, with its year-round sunshine and local ingredients that make the city a treasure trove for the best restaurants and chefs. From the glamorous Hollywood establishments to the urban revival of Downtown LA’s hot new eateries, Bobby and Sophie are on a mission to enjoy the most inventive and delectable cuisine the city has to offer. And with so much inspiration, Bobby can’t resist using the very local ingredients to cook up his own dishes for Sophie. It’s the ultimate coastal culinary adventure, Bobby and Sophie-style!"

Bobby's Triple Threat will be a six-episode series and the press release describes the show as, "In each one-hour episode, one extraordinarily talented and eager chef is challenged to go against the trio of culinary titans handpicked by Bobby himself for a chance to take home $25,000. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as Bobby celebrates and tests the most talented chefs in America. This is Bobby's game and Bobby's chefs, and there's only one rule: it's all or nothing."

The three culinary titans on Bobby's Triple Threat are Tiffany Derry, Michael Voltaggio and Brooke Williamson, all of whom are Top Chef alumni.

Ratings will probably determine if either of these shows get a second season.  Are you looking forward to watching either of these shows?

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