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Greg's BBQ - Restaurant Impossible Update

Photo - Robert Irvine Facebook

On this week's episode of Restaurant: Impossible, Robert Irvine and his crew are in Belen, New Mexico to makeover Greg's BBQ.  Greg's BBQ is owned by Greg, an ex-Marine who is micromanaging his son who works with him.  Greg is also dealing with stress which is causing issues in both his health and his restaurant. Robert Irvine will need to get Greg to trust his son and put his health first to save both himself and his restaurant.

As I normally do with Restaurant: Impossible episodes, I searched around the Internet to read stories, comments and reviews about Greg's BBQ to get an idea of how the restaurant is doing since Robert Irvine visited, and here is what I found (note - all reviews are post Restaurant: Impossible):

Positive Reviews:
  • "First visit here tonight. Our server, JAYDE, was sweet and efficient. Quite friendly. My husband and I ordered the entree with two meats, potato salad and Mac and cheese to share. There was more than enough for the two of us. We sat in the room that was made over for the show Restaurant Impossible (or something like that). It was very nice. The pork was tender but a tad gristly. The brisket was great. The potato salad seemed to have some relish in it (not a fan)"
  • "Oh my was delicious. Very attentive waitstaff. The BBQ was absolutely amazing."
  • "We'll worth the detour from I-25. I had the chopped pork sandwich for lunch, it had great flavor and was well worth the money. Service was also great."
  • "Great atmosphere- fantastic food and great service- what more needs to be said! Worthy of a weekend drive destination."
  • "I will definitely be back. I ordered the sampler plate with pulled pork ribs and brisket. I had to get a rib plate also because well.. is there ever a reason to not get a rib plate. Thank y'all for being awesome and friendly and because I'm here in New Mexico til further notice y'all will see me every Friday... Thank you"
  • "New menu items are DELICIOUS! We tried the potato skins and smoked chicken *chef's kiss* Remodel also came out super nice! Highly recommend!"
  • "Amazing BBQ! Highly recommend their Magic Sauce!!! Great food, atmosphere and service!"

Negative Reviews:
  • "Not so sure I would call this BBQ, we wanted to try a small local spot to support but should have saved the money as this was a big disappointment. Ordered the sampler, turkey, pulled pork X2 beans, coleslaw; then a pound of brisket and potato salad. The turkey looked and tasted like the prepackaged sliced mesquite deli turkey; pulled pork and brisket had very little "smoked" flavor. The sides were disappointing as well. The fried pickles were ok, perhaps some of the items would have tasted better if we had eaten there but smoked meat should taste like smoked meat regardless if eaten right away or 20 minutes later until we got home. I hope this was a fluke since you have pretty good reviews, but I wouldn't recommend nor will I return."
  • "Hadn't been to Greg's 2+ years. Went after Restaurant Impossible & it was delicious - specifically the tater tots. Best tater's I've ever had! Called today for pick-up, tater tots have been removed from the menu. I ordered extra crispy fries instead; what I got was extra soggy fries. The to-go plate looked thrown together and was mediocre. I'm baffled that Greg is wasting away the gift from Restaurant Impossible. A make-over doesn't change the heart of a restaurant. I will not be back."
* Reviews from Yelp, Google

Other News and Links:
  • The Restaurant Impossible makeover for Greg's BBQ happened in April 2022.
  • Here is the Greg's BBQ website and Facebook page.
  • Judging by their Facebook page, they are happy with the makeover and thankful for all the volunteers who helped out.
  • Here are the reviews for Greg's BBQ from Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google.
    • The reviews before the makeover were pretty positive


The reviews for Greg's BBQ since the Restaurant Impossible makeover have been mostly positive with people liking the food and the makeover.  Reviews before the makeover also seemed positive and it seems the restaurant is happy with the makeover and thankful for the volunteers that helped.  

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