Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Alton Brown Reaches Deal To Stay With Food Network

Last week in the Food Network related news, one of the topics was Alton Brown's Food Network contract coming to an end.  He posted the following message on social media (also pictured right), "With the end of the tour rapidly approaching and my food network contract ending, I spend a lot of time pondering my next move." is now reporting that Alton Brown has reached a multi-year deal to continue hosting and creating content for Food Network and Cooking Channel.  Alton is also expected to "develop new TV series and digital content in tandem with executives at both networks."  Alton's deals in the past have been three years at a time, so this one is most likely for three years as well.

In the Variety article, Alton also release a statement which said, "Food Network has provided me with a fertile creative home for nearly two decades and now I feel we’re in an even better position to explore the ever-expanding frontiers of culinary storytelling."

Alton Brown has already announced the return of Good Eats for next year, so who knows if his contract was ever in jeopardy of not being renewed.  Perhaps he used his social media post above as a bargaining tool or to gain leverage in negotiations. 

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